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Iraq to Return 220 Tanks to Kuwait Next Month

February 24, 1993

KUWAIT (AP) _ Iraq is expected to return 220 tanks it stole from Kuwait during its seven- month occupation of the emirate, a Kuwaiti official said Wednesday.

Sulaiman Majid al-Shaheen, undersecretary of the foreign ministry, told the state-run Kuwait News Agency that Iraq was also expected to return Hawk defense systems it looted during the occupation.

He said the tanks would be returned in March, but did not give a specific date or say what kind were involved. The Kuwaiti army used British-made Chieftain and Centurion tanks before Iraq’s August 1990 invasion.

Under the U.N. cease-fire resolution that ended the Gulf War, Baghdad is to return all the billions of dollars worth of equipment plundered from the emirate.

So far, most of what Iraq has returned has been deliberately damaged, military officials say. Skyhawk 4-A jets received last December were gutted and their wings sawed off. Medical and construction equipment returned last year was unusable.

Kuwait is trying to rebuild its armed forces and recently announced it would buy 256 M1-A2 Abrams tanks from the United States for $4.5 billion.

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