Ted Martin: Another dumb traffic fix

November 29, 2018


I just came back home from shopping to see the new concrete curb divider (again) in the middle of Lake Havasu Avenue starting just south of Industrial Avenue.

From what I could see, (other than I think it’s a stupid waste of money), some businesses must have coughed up some money and others didn’t, that’s why some businesses have access to them through breaks in the new curbing and some don’t. As long as they’ve been working on it, I wish they would have let President Trump bid and get the job, then it would have been done long ago and under cost like he did with the New York skating rink which the city had let run $12 million over budget and still not done until Trump stepped in and got it done. I don’t understand the city’s reason for screwing up the street like this in the first place, but then government and common sense have never worked together anyway, so I guess that explains it. Also, just why do you have to sit at a left-turn red light with no traffic coming until the slow light decides to let you turn? Not sure why the city isn’t smart enough to make the left turn caution light just blink caution so you could turn left when it’s safe, like in many other states.

Ted Martin

Lake Havasu City

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