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July 5, 2018

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US-CHINA TARIFFS-THE CASUALTIES — The U.S. and Chinese governments have been flashing a lot of bravado just before firing the first shots in a conflict that risks escalating into a mutually damaging trade war. Yet among people and business in both countries that are now under threat from higher costs, closed-off markets and deep uncertainties, there is far less confidence. A trade war between the world’s two biggest economies will leave casualties. By Paul Wiseman and Christopher Rugaber. UPCOMING: Thursday, 950 words by 3 p.m.


CHINA-US-TRADE WAR WORRIES — China says it’s girded for a trade war with the U.S. and can give as good as it gets, but behind the official bravado lies a deep unease over trade friction with Washington. By Christopher Bodeen and Joe McDonald. SENT: Thursday, 1,090 words, photos.

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TRUMP-RUSSIA-OLIGARCH’S INFLUENCE — In American financial circles, Viktor Vekselberg was known for decades a man who got deals done — sometimes with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s blessing. By Garance Burke and Stephen Braun. SENT: Thursday, 2,500 words, photos. An abridged version of 970 words also is available.

OF MUTUAL INTEREST-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE — Can a computer do a better job investing your money than a flesh-and-blood portfolio manager? ETF Managers Group unveiled a fund in November that leaves investment decisions up to a computer. Its CEO discusses the advantages of this type of investing. By Alex Veiga. SENT: Thursday, 650 words, photo.

WCUP-MIGRANT WORKERS — Behind the veneer of Russia’s smooth-running World Cup are legions of migrant workers from Central Asia, who deal with discrimination but form a pillar of the economy. By Angela Charlton and James Ellingworth. SENT: Thursday, 1,080 words, photos.

LEGAL MARIJUANA-BLACK MARKET — California ushered in broad marijuana legalization nearly six month ago, but the illegal market still thrives. By Michael Balsamo. SENT: Thursday, 1,020 words, photos, video.

US-CHINA TARIFFS-EUROPE IN THE MIDDLE — European businesses are unsettled as they watch the U.S. and China collide over trade. And for good reason. The nascent global trade war could represent the biggest single threat to the economic upswing that has helped the region get past its financial crisis. By David McHugh. SENT: Wednesday, 990 words, photo.

CHINA-US-TECH RELIANCE — Chinese telecoms giant ZTE Corp.’s brush with death after Washington barred it from buying U.S. components was a stark reminder that China’s industries still depend on American technology despite Beijing’s efforts to catch up. By Joe McDonald. SENT: Wednesday, 1,030 words, photos.


CHINA-TECH PLAYERS — Technology and U.S. anxiety about Chinese competition are at the center of the trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies. Here are some of China’s biggest names in telecoms equipment, clean energy and medical equipment. SENT: Wednesday, 850 words, photos.

RENEWABLE ENERGY MANDATE — Arizona’s largest utility is fiercely opposing a push to mandate increased use of renewable energy in the sun-drenched state, setting up a political fight over a measure funded by a California billionaire. By Melissa Daniels. SENT: Wednesday, 850 words, photos.

AI CAMERAS-ALWAYS WATCHING — Advances in the field of computer vision have accelerated the race for self-driving cars, powered popular photo-tagging features on Facebook or Google and spawned the no-checkout retail store. But the creepier uses of artificial intelligence systems that interpret the real world have given some startups qualms. Some are saying no to lucrative markets that feel a little too much like “1984.” By Matt O’Brien. SENT: Tuesday, 970 words, photos.

SMALLBIZ-SMALL TALK-HOW MUCH HELP? — Want a loan? Advice? When an employee needs help, many small business owners are comfortable mixing the personal with the professional and willingly provide some support. By Joyce M. Rosenberg. SENT: Tuesday, 1,040 words, photos.

ON THE MONEY-AIR AMBULANCE BILLS — A helicopter trip to a hospital may not be the only shock a patient faces after a bad accident. The next one could hit when the bill arrives. Rides in so-called air ambulances can lead to bills of more than $20,000 depending on a person’s coverage, and insurance experts say big invoices are becoming more common as costs rise and coverage shifts. By Tom Murphy. SENT: Tuesday, 630 words, photos.

HOMES-NERDWALLET-AFFORDABILITY — How much home can you afford? It depends where you live. NerdWallet columnist Holden Lewis. SENT: Tuesday, 920 words, photos.

LATINO RETIREMENT-FINTECH STARTUPS — A number of Hispanic entrepreneurs is trying to close the gap between Latinos and the rest of the U.S. population in terms of financial literacy and saving for retirement via tech startups. By Alexandra Olson. SENT: Monday, 1,180 words, photos.

INSIDER Q&A-ELLEVEST’S SALLIE KRAWCHECK — Wall Street veteran Sallie Krawcheck talks to The Associated Press about why she started Ellevest and how traditional financial advisers fail to meet the needs of women. By Sarah Skidmore Sell. SENT: Monday, 680 words, photos.

US-CHINA TARIFFS-Q&A — President Donald Trump has boldly declared that trade wars are easy to win. He’s about to find out. Barring a last-minute breakthrough, the Trump administration on Friday will start imposing tariffs on $34 billion in goods imported from China, and China will promptly strike back with tariffs on an equal amount of U.S. goods. And with that, a high-risk trade war between the world’s two biggest economies will begin, and the fight could quickly escalate. Here’s a look at what’s happening this week and its likely impact. By Paul Wiseman. SENT: Monday, 1,250 words, photos.

DEEPFAKE VIDEOS — Concern is rising that U.S. adversaries will use new technology to make phony but authentic-looking videos to influence political campaigns, jeopardize national security. By Deb Riechmann. SENT: Monday, 960 words, photo, video.

NERDWALLET-LIZ WESTON-PROFIT FINANCIAL MISTAKES — Most of us have wasted money on ill-considered purchases or stuff we really couldn’t afford. As we get more financially savvy, that happens less often. But we can still profit from other people’s bad choices. By NerdWallet columnist Liz Weston. SENT: Monday, 780 words, photos.

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