Memorial Day List: Remembering Aiken County residents who made ultimate sacrifice

May 27, 2019

Editor’s Note: On Memorial Day 2019, we hope our readers enjoy this Aiken County tribute to the county’s service men and women, honoring the memory of those who served. If a resident sees a name missing from this list, please contact Managing Editor Michael Harris at 803-644-2364 or mharris@aikenstandard.com to have the name added.

World War I


Pvt. Joseph Anderson

Pvt. Latin Berry

Pvt. David L. Brown

Pvt. Will Bush

Pvt. Aquilla Calhoun

Pvt. Arnold Doe

Pvt. John Edwards

Pvt. Elleck Fulmer

Pvt. Judson Gordon

Pvt. Foster Jones

Pvt. Timothy Jones

Pvt. Frampton Jordan

Cpl. Earnest Key

Pvt. Joseph Kimble

Pvt. Harry Lewis

Pvt. Andrew Lowman

Sgt. Grover C. Reynolds

Pvt. Benjamin Martin

Pvt. Pernell Peeples

Pvt. Cuet Pope

Pvt. Oliver Raiford

Pvt. Harley D. Williams

Pvt. Jesse C. Williams

Pvt. John Wilson

World War II


2nd Lt. David L. Alexander Jr.

Pvt. William E. Anthony

Pvt. James A. Barton

Pvt. William H. Bauchman

Electrician’s Mate 1st Class Houston Wendell Beard

Cpl. Clyde W. Best

Pfc. Jay T. Bodie

2nd Lt. James C. Brown

Pvt. James E. Bussey

Technician 4th Class Shedrick Butler

Seaman 1st Class Harold Patrick Byars

Capt. Grady C. Corley

2nd Lt. John E. Cottingham Jr.

Sgt. Walter W. Couch

Technician 5th Class Russell W. Courtney

Flight Officer Ira E. Coward Jr.

Sgt. Pearcy F. Craig

Sgt. Willie F. Craig

Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Wilbur Harmon Creighton Jr.

Pfc. Ernest Cushman

Pvt. Johnnie M. Daniel

Seaman 1st Class Paul Harrison Davis

Cpl. Irvin G. Duffie

Staff Sgt. Jack W. Duncan

Pvt. Paul H. Dye Jr.

Pvt. Jack G. Evans Sr.

Technical Sgt. Vyrene W. Farmer

Pvt. Andrew L. Ford

Pvt. David T. Fulmer

2nd Lt. Jason V. George Jr.

Sgt. Hugh N. Gregory

Sgt. Noah Gunter

Pfc. George V. Hair

Pfc. Edward P. Henderson

Col. Morton J. Henry

Staff Sgt. William R. Hiers

1st Lt. Thomas G. Hill

Lt. Col. Tommy Hitchcock Jr

Technician 5th Class Henry Jefferson Sr.

Pfc. Willie Jefferson

Staff Sgt. Charles L. Johnson

Shipfitter 3rd Class Jack Herman Johnson

Pvt. Willedge J. Johnson

2nd Lt. Andrew C. Jordan

Pvt. Frank E. Jordan

Staff Sgt. Tenny K. Kesler Jr.

Pfc. Norman Key

Pvt. Julius T. Kirby

Pvt. Steeny L. Koon

Pvt. Melvin A. Lee

Capt. Henry D. Leitner

Cpl. Perry Mathis

Sgt. Frank J. McElhaney

Pvt. Roy R. McElhenny Jr.

Pfc. Henry J. McKellar

2nd Lt. George Mead

Fireman 1st Class Mark Ellis Miller

1st Lt. Otis C Miller

Shipfitter 3rd Class Carl Augustus Mims

1st Lt. Otis F. Morgan

Sgt. Thomas H. Morris

Sgt. Johnnie W. Moyer Jr.

Technician 5th Class Henry Palmer

Technician 5th Class Cecil L. Rawls

Sgt. James B. Renfro

Technical Sgt. Colie Richardson

Staff Sgt. Tourie B. Rickenbacker

Staff Sgt. John E. Ritchey Jr.

Pfc. William L. Robinson

Sgt. Lenwood Rodgers

Cpl. Deveraux O. Sharpe

Pfc. Grady A. Smith

Seaman 1st Class Owens Alderman Whetstone Jr.

1st Lt. Robert H. Wilds Jr.

Pfc. Herbert Williams

Pfc. Henry Pearson Williams

Pfc. Roy Williamson

Pvt. Bertram Wood

Technician 5th Class Alva C. Wright

1st Lt. Charles von Stade

Cpl. John P. Zielinski

Korean War


Cpl. Harold Adkinson

Pfc. Donnie E. Bell

Pfc. Freddie Lee Bradshaw

Cpl. Harold Carter

1st Lt. Edwin D. Chavous

Pfc. Rudolph Garland

Sgt. Robert Edward Hatch

Pfc. Davis S. Muns

Pfc. Stanley Thurmond Obanion

Pvt. Roy Robinson

Pvt. Carol Ross

Pfc. Elvin A. Rutland

Pvt. Clifton H. Watson

Sgt. Jack D. Whittle

Pvt. Eugene E. Williamson

Pfc. Jack W. Yon

Vietnam War


Pfc. Dwane Lonnie Adams

Seaman Joseph Boyce Adams

Lt. Cmdr. Jere A. Barton

Pfc. Wayne Boyd

Sgt. Linnell Butler

Pfc. Clifton Eugene Callahan

Staff Sgt. Allen Howell Clark

Pfc. James Louis Douse

Spc. 4th Class James Nathaniel Gay

Sgt. Jack Earl Gell

Cpl. Anthony Golson

Petty Officer 1st Class Kenneth Marvin Hatcher

Pfc. William Hunter Kilburn

Cpl. Harold Paul Leaphart

Pfc. Roy Gibson Matthews

Spc. 4th Class Jacob McKie

Sgt. 1st Class Ramon Moreno

Hospitalman Charles H. Parks Jr.

Pfc. Franklin Hamilton Penn

Capt. Josep L. Ruzicka Jr.

Pfc. Isaiah Samuels

Sgt. Donald Ray Sizemore

Pfc. R.J. Smith

Pfc. Michael Hamilton Tuten

Lance Cpl. Roy Julian Weatherford Jr.

Spc. 5th Class Melvin Elijah White

Spc. 4th Class Calvin Williams



(Operation Enduring Freedom)

Spc. Ember Marie Alt

Staff Sgt. Willie James Harley Jr.



(Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Pvt. 2nd Class Algernon Adams

Cpl. Matthew Vincent Dillon



Editor’s Note: The following list of Civil War casualties comes from the 1870 diary of Col. Thomas Wentworth Higginson, commander of the 1st South Carolina Volunteers, the first federally authorized black regiment. Most of its ranks came from South Carolina and Florida, with a handful of northern soldiers also serving. At least seven others died during the siege of Charleston in 1864. Col. Higginson does not name them. Also in 1864, the 1st South Carolina Volunteers converted into 33rd United States Colored Troops. In June 1865, the regiment was ordered to Hamburg (modern day North Augusta) and Aiken, before heading back to Charleston in September.

Capt. Alex Heasley

1st Lt. J.M. Bingham

1st Lt. R.M. Gaston

2nd Lt. Jerome T. Furman


Editor’s Note: The following list of fallen soldiers comes from the Confederate Rolls of South Carolina, stored in the University of South Carolina Digital Archives. Names of fallen soldiers were listed in records as residing in Aiken County. This is not an exhaustive list of all Aiken County fallen Civil War soldiers.

Pvt. Isaac Brooks

Pvt. James Curtin

Pvt. Robert Donald

Pvt. Reuben Duncan

Pvt. Jeff Davis

Pvt. Benjamin Duncan

Pvt. William Ellis

Pvt. Peter Fagin

Pvt. Ezekiel Johnson

Pvt. James Kadle

Pvt. Elijah Leopard

Pvt. John Medlock

Pvt. Walter McKinsey

Pvt. Arthur Parker

Pvt. John Parker

Pvt. James Ramsey

Pvt. Benjamin Sharpton

Pvt. John Seltzes

Pvt. Benjamin F. Taylor

Pvt. Hampton Wade

Pvt. W.B. West

1st Lt. Joseph S. Bates

3rd Lt. Thomas Beggs

2nd Sgt. George W. Holland

Cpl. John Glover

Pvt. Reubin Alexander

Pvt. James Bates

Pvt. John Broom

Pvt. Hansford Grun

Pvt. Johnson Grun

Pvt. Jackson Grun

Pvt. James A. McElmurray

Pvt. Thomas Owens

Pvt. David Owens

Pvt. Washington Parker

Pvt. Jefferson Redd

Pvt. Jasper Tavall

Pvt. Council Weathersbee

Pvt. Antonio Decamdene

Pvt. Frank Decamdene

Pvt. Floyd Mitchell

Pvt. Ben Tyler

Pvt. H. Woodward

Pvt. J.M. Weaver

Pvt. A. Weeks

Cpl. J.T. McCue

Pvt. John Adkinson

Pvt. P.F. Brown

Pvt. A.R. Douglas

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