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Serbs Blame Clinton for Shooting

April 21, 1999

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) _ State-run Serb television said Wednesday that President Clinton was partly to blame for the massacre at a Colorado high school because his policies show ``America solves problems by force.″

The report came as NATO continued its nearly monthlong air campaign against Yugoslavia, targeting a Belgrade high-rise building housing offices of President Slobodan Milosevic’s ruling party.

The TV report called the shooting rampage Tuesday by two Littleton, Colo., teen-agers ``an expression of serious distortions in American society... where violence and force are part of everyday life and youth education.″

It accused Clinton of ``giving a catastrophic example to the young generations in America, showing them that their country, America, solves problems by force and kills people whenever they are against it.″

The report called Clinton a ``cynical criminal″ who called for resolving conflicts through talks, while at the same time telling American young people it was justifiable to kill people in Yugoslavia with its air campaign.

``This is the sad and tragic example that the American youth sees from its president... in which militarism is part of the culture, and force and enforcement of force, a normal method of solving conflict situations.″

``The horrific massacre in Colorado, which propelled to the surface all the dirt of the sick American society, revealed all monstrousness of the philosophy of the Washington clique,″ it said. ``Violence is obviously the only principle and value which the American society knows, unfortunately for its youth and future generations.″

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