Get the facts on Cardinal-Hickory Creek power line proposal -- Aaron Curtis, Chuck Thompson, Jacob Valentine

March 17, 2019

Given all of the rhetoric and misleading claims about the Cardinal-Hickory Creek power line, the public deserves some important facts:

The three utilities proposing the project are responsible for the reliable, affordable and safe transmission of electricity to the millions of electric consumers we serve. We do more than propose needed projects such as the Cardinal-Hickory Creek line. We also maintain and operate the electric grid 24/7 -- moving electricity from where it’s generated to communities where it powers people’s everyday lives. One only has to look at the recent extreme weather to understand the importance and value of a robust, reliable electric grid. A strong grid also is needed to support the significant shift from coal plants to cost-effective renewable energy.This is a cost-shared project that is part of a portfolio proposed by Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), the not-for-profit, member-based organization that ensures reliable, least-cost delivery of electricity in the region. Wisconsin customers would pay a fraction of the total cost for a project that more than pays for itself, delivers millions of dollars in additional benefits to Wisconsin customers, and helps move renewable energy.We can’t conserve our way out of the need for transmission. Many new generation sources being built or proposed will depend on this line to bring energy to consumers. As old coal plants come off line, wind and solar power will continue to grow, and these sources need a transmission connection to cost-effectively move energy.

The project’s significant benefits and potential impacts are being thoroughly reviewed by state and federal agencies. The utilities proposing this project look forward to continuing that process and demonstrating the vital need for electric infrastructure to provide Wisconsin with reliable, renewable power for current and future generations.

Aaron Curtis, ITC Midwest; Chuck Thompson, Dairyland Power Cooperative; Jacob Valentine, American Transmission Co.