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Statements by Lewinsky’s Attorney

January 27, 1998

Comments Monday night by Monica Lewinsky’s attorney, William Ginsburg.

On Ms. Lewinsky:

``She’s getting stronger.

``She does not like being isolated, and we’ve kept her under wraps at the Watergate, as you all know.

``We intend to continue to keep her under wraps because it would be inappropriate to put her into further jeopardy by allowing her to talk to the press.

``We will be talking to her again tomorrow. I don’t know where we’ll be discussing these things. But everyone knows that we have to continue to talk with her and continue to prepare the case.″

On his offer to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr:

``We have made a complete proffer to the office of the independent counsel.

``He has indicated that he will consider our complete proffer.

``He will consider our complete proffer, and he will then call us back and tell us what he wants to do.

``We are now in a position where the ball is totally in Judge Starr’s court, and Judge Starr has to tell us what he wants to do.″

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