Letters To The Editor 8/25/2018

August 25, 2018

Reptiles revolting

Editor: I am a West Sider and I take pride in my little property.

The grass and hedges are cut, the weeds are pulled, the snow is shoveled in the winter and garbage is picked up year-round. My taxes and garbage bill are paid and up -to-date.

Adjacent to my property is a vacant lot — previously occupied by a house that was torn down by the city. On two occasions, I have paid to have this lot cleared, but with taxes, the garbage and sewer bills and other expenses, my budget cannot handle this added bill.

For the past two years I have presented my concerns to city council. I have a problem with the residents of this lot — mainly the snakes. I try to reduce some of the growth. Recently, while trying to remove some of the sumac trees, I encountered two snakes and one was approximately 18 inches long. This growth has to be removed without having the snakes come onto my property.

Does anyone at City Hall, animal control or city council have suggestions?




Selective about hate

Editor: Journalist Chris Cuomo and CNN would like to rewrite the First Amendment to read “ . . . or abridging the freedom of speech unless that speech should be offensive to right-minded people who would then have the duty to stop it even if it means assaulting the speaker . . .”

Cuomo recently said violence is wrong but if you listen carefully he condoned “a fist to the face” if necessary to stop hateful speech. He referred to the Charlottesville protest tragedy and condemned the president for saying there were good and bad people on both sides because in Cuomo’s mind there were no good people among the protesters. Cuomo implies there were no bad people in the Antifa group.

He ignores the fact that the permit to protest was given to a small group that wanted to save the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee. It is true they were joined by many white supremacists who have the right to their views.

Cuomo apparently feels that people who want to preserve our history when it is negative breed hate and must be stopped.

I find it interesting that Hillary Clinton called people who believed Trump’s policies were better than hers “deplorable,” but it was not considered hateful. Comedian Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump an unprintable word but it is not hateful. Rep. Maxine Waters calling for people to harass Trump supporters and staffers does not breed hate.

It is not hateful if the remarks are directed at people who deserve such treatment, such as police, President Donald Trump and conservatives. Cuomo feels that only appropriate speech should be protected and progressives should be the judge of what’s appropriate. If we are only going to protect “appropriate” speech then there is no freedom of speech.




Stadium teamwork

Editor: Members of Dunmore Borough Council are to be congratulated for acquiring the landmark ballpark property from the Schautz Foundation.

Council passed several resolutions to advance the Schautz Stadium project. It was nice to see all council members voting in favor of each resolution. There was no infighting, arguing, finger-pointing and scaring the elderly about taxes going up.

These gentlemen will be remembered for leaving something for the borough’s children and grandchildren to enjoy in future years.

Maybe someday they will build a golf course in Dickson City.




Pro-life defense

Editor: James W. Patterson (“Trump pro-self,” Aug. 10) criticizes pro-life people for not supporting every perceived “life issue.”

He challenges members of the Scranton Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life to show the “true essence of pro-life by going to the border to be with, and comfort separated parents and their children as Bishop (Joseph) Bambera had done.”

Every charitable organization has the right to define its mission. The strength of the pro-life movement is in its support for a single cause. We support the right to life of the unborn while emotionally caring for the mother and child and also the father who unfortunately has no legal rights in the matter. Our mission is to protect innocent human life at its beginnings to its end, when both are vulnerable to decisions regarding who lives.

Why is the pro-life movement expected to take on every “perceived pro-life” cause in order to validate its mission?

Patterson criticizes President Trump for his pro-life stance, which he labeled “a joke,” and falsely accuses him of creating the immigration “mess” at our southern border by separating children from their parents and housing them in cages. Those pictures were clearly dated 2014 — during President Obama’s term. Incidentally, Trump visited the border to show his concern for all involved.

We are a nation of laws with legal means to enter our country. Many parents put their children in harm’s way by illegally crossing the border when they could enter at an official entry point.

Don’t try to make illegal immigration a pro-life issue. To do so diminishes the tragedy of 60 million unborn babies in the U.S. who have been brutally “separated” from their mothers and from their fathers.





Left spreads hate

Editor: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is wrong.

America is the greatest nation on Earth. Cuomo’s ancestors emigrated here in 1926 and became a multigenerational political family making millions of dollars. Both he and his father were elected governors of New York state. His brother, Christopher, is a successful news anchor. His ideas of this country not being great until everyone is fully engaged and reaching their full potential does not correlate with reality.

How does Hillary Clinton sleep after congratulating an 11-year-old girl in Maryland who took a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance to protest racism and sexism? She was the first lady, the wife of a president and candidate for president herself. Has she gone mad? If the girl shouldn’t stand for the pledge, the national anthem and the flag, whose country should she stand for?

The soul of our nation is being destroyed. The left has turned America on itself.

They hate the anthem, the pledge and the flag. They hate our history and our symbols.

Those who lost their lives fighting for this country would be sickened by this behavior.



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