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Medical Examiner Changes Mind, Meets With Boss

October 3, 1985

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) _ The state medical examiner, suspended for selling skin samples and body parts and using the money for office parties, met Wednesday with his superior, and his lawyer said a decision about his fate would be made Thursday.

State Health Division Administrator Kristine Gebbie scheduled the meeting last week, saying she wanted to give William Brady a chance to persuade her not to fire him.

Brady had said Tuesday that he wouldn’t attend the meeting, but he and his lawyer, Judy Snyder, met with Ms. Gebbie in her office Wednesday.

Neither Brady nor Ms. Gebbie would comment after the 40-minute meeting.

Ms. Snyder said after the meeting that Brady hadn’t refused to meet with Ms. Gebbie, but was seeking more time to gather witnesses and information.

Ms. Snyder gave no details of the meeting, but said the talks centered on Brady’s request for more time.

She said Ms. Gebbie was scheduled to announce Thursday morning whether she would fire Brady, reinstate him, or give him more time to defend himself.

Ms. Gebbie said last week she had decided to fire Brady, 53, for selling the skin samples and body parts for research, despositing the money in a private account and using the money for office parties and office furniture.

Brady, medical examiner for 16 years, has said he did nothing wrong selling the samples for research. Records show that money was deposited into the accounts from September 1974 to June 1983. Records were not available for after that date.

Ms. Gebbie also announced plans last week to fire Brady’s chief assistant, Dr. Larry Lewman, for conducting private autopsies on state time, unless he also persuaded her not to.

Ms. Gebbie met separately Wednesday with Lewman; no details of their meeting were released.

Another lawyer for Brady, Ron Hoevet, said Tuesday that Wednesday’s meeting was ″a charade and a sham.″ Hoevet said in a news conference that he and Brady believe Ms. Gebbie had already decided to fire the medical examiner.

Brady said Tuesday that if he was fired, he would appeal to Gov. Vic Atiyeh. The governor said Wednesday that he would support Ms. Gebbie in whatever decision she makes.

The state Medical Examiner’s Advisory Board will meet Friday to discuss the situation.

The board has the authority to make recommendations to Ms. Gebbie on who should be hired as state medical examiner. However, the board’s recommendations are advisory.

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