Tree seedlings available for purchase

November 29, 2018

NORFOLK - The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District is selling bundles of tree seedlings to be planted in the spring.

Kristin Schlueter is a Resource Conservationist with the NRCS office in West Point and says 25 seedlings are included in the bundles.

Schlueter says a Wildlife Package is also available if you don’t want 25 of the same species for your property.

“It’s five each of pin cherry, buffalo berry, bur oak, hansen hedge rose, and skunkbush sumac. Those are just a good way to add diversity and beauty to a small area.”

Schlueter says there are numerous benefits to planting trees and it will help reduce energy costs for your home or farm.

To purchase some seedlings, contact the Lower Elkhorn NRD or your local NRCS office.

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