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If You Stuff a Stocking With The Mother of All Gifts You Just Don’t Get It

January 1, 1994

SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. (AP) _ If ″youse″ think it’s acceptable to buy expensive ″stocking stuffers″ when your family ″gathers together″ after your economic fortunes ″skyrocket,″ you ″just don’t get it.″

At least that’s what Lake Superior State University said Friday in releasing its latest list of misused, overused and useless words and cliches.

The school, which has been compiling the list since 1976, wants them banished from the English language.

Hundreds of people in the United States and Canada, including comedian George Carlin, sent in nominations to the school, spokesman Tom Pink said.

Carlin nominated the phrase,″baddaboom, baddabing,″ because of overuse.

The phrase ″stocking stuffer″ made the list because it once described inexpensive trinkets but is now used in ads for cellular phones and diamond rings.

″Stuff the stocking stuffer,″ said a letter from a radio station in Montreal.

″An historic,″ was nominated by Jim Wiljanen of Dewitt, who blamed the media for its frequent use.

″If this abuse is allowed to continue, the next sound you hear from me will be ’an hiss,‴ he wrote.

Jessica Stanaway of Brimley said every time she hears the term ″threepeat″ it ″makes me want to thrupchuck.″

Other words on the list include ″paradigm,″ ″party″ (as a verb) and ″spearhead.″

Among the phrases were ″giant sucking sound,″ ″mother of all ...″ and ″there for me.″

In the category of redundancies: ″gathered together,″ ″past experience,″ ″new recruit,″ ″always consistent″ and ″helicopters overhead.″

″Clearly ambiguous″ and ″sketchy details″ were deemed oxymorons.

″We try to look for humorous nominations because we try to keep this as lighthearted as possible,″ Pink said.

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