Look who’s talking: Chicago Bears assistant coaches

October 6, 2018

There was a lot of information dispensed the day after the Bears’ 48-10 Week Four victory over the Buccaneers, when position coaches spoke to the media about their players and how they’ve performed through the first quarter of the season. Here are five of the most interesting things we heard.

QB coach Dave Ragone was asked what he liked best about Trubisky’s performance, and he didn’t mention anything that happened on the field.

“I said this to him after: ‘It was his sideline demeanor.’ Regardless of whether we had scored a touchdown or we had had a three-and-out, it was his intensity, his focus, his eagerness to want to know what was coming up next. I thought that was as consistent and as good as he’s been in his 16 starts. And that’s obviously something he and I had been talking about. He took it into the game, and it continued all throughout that game, regardless of what the score was or what had happened that previous series. It’s mental growth with him, and that was a big thing for him.”

WR coach Mike Furrey on Kevin White’s performance after White got 25 snaps but not a single pass thrown his way:

“Obviously as a wideout, you want the football and it can get kind of discouraging as a wideout playing the game and not having the ball. But there wasn’t a play that he took off. He played 25 snaps, and his effort in all 25 was something I was really proud about. I talked to him about it (Monday) morning (and told him) ‘That’s how you build trust within everybody, and that’s how you’ll continue to grow.’

“Now that evolves for him and his game. Now the bar has been set for how he’s supposed to play and how he shows up. The ball will start going his way as he continues to grow in this offense.”

RB coach Charles London said he doesn’t mind 5-foot-6, 181-pound Tarik Cohen seeking out contact.

“Actually he takes pride in his physicality — he’ll be the first to tell you that. And, when he’s kind of caged in, and there’s nowhere else to go, he’s going to lower his shoulder on guys. He’s done it all year. He did it in the Green Bay game, he did it last week against Arizona, so he has no problem doing that, and he can play physical.”

OLB coach Brandon Staley on the loss of Sam Acho, who is expected to miss the remainder of the season with a torn pectoral muscle:

“It’s so unfortunate because Sam means so much to our locker room. He has meant so much to our defense. He has been a big part of building this foundation in the locker room. He’s not going to go anywhere in that regard. He’s always going to be around, and hopefully we can get him hired as the assistant OLB coach now. But we know we have two capable guys in Isaiah (Irving) and Kylie (Fitts). They’ve obviously shown in preseason and training camp that they were capable guys. We were counting on those guys before Khalil (Mack) came.”

OL coach Harry Hiestand on his group’s performance protecting Mitch Trubisky, as he threw for six TDs and 354 yards:

“Coach (Matt Nagy) had an awesome plan. I think our guys had confidence in what they were doing. Like coach always asks them: ‘Give us green grass and an opportunity for Mitch to throw the ball.’ So they worked hard on that during the week. In this game, it’s all about your preparation, and I think it all stemmed back to how hard the guys prepared and how hard they zeroed in on Tampa and what they were doing, and then the work they put in during the week.”

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