Larry Moore: How Nancy Pelosi can help improve America’s air quality

January 4, 2019

Editor: While in Hawaii enjoying her luxury vacation during the government shutdown, Nancy Pelosi described the “Climate Crisis” as an “Existential threat” that threatens “The whole of God’s creation.” It’s time to wake up to the devastating impact flying has on the environment. Aviation is a fossil fuel industry, one which guzzles five million barrels of oil everyday. And Nancy, I know how you personally can start America’s comeback to clean and fresh old-fashioned air. You can lead the revolution to a bright new world where the sun will no longer get blocked out from air pollution. A world where the bright morning sun will remain throughout the day and will no longer be blocked out from contrails, chemical trails or whatever has been taking away the glorious warmth of the sun.

Crops across the planet will begin to flourish and feed the whole of mankind. You will be a hero to the world and I for one will cherish your memory as the one that started the clean air act of 2019. You can do all of this by your one selfish final act for the good of all mankind. Swim back to Washington. And if all your Washington cronies truly love you then they will all pick up the reins and they will swim towards Hawaii for your funeral. Viola, problem solved!

Larry Moore

Lake Havasu City

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