LOS ANGELES (AP) _ It looks like Frank Sinatra's heirs have agreed to do it his way.

No one who was mentioned in Sinatra's will took advantage of the first opportunity to challenge it in court Thursday. A lawyer for the estate's executors credits a no-contest clause in the will with being a ``substantial deterrent'' to any challenges.

``Anyone knows if they want to challenge the will they better succeed because if they fail they are going to disinherit themselves completely,'' said lawyer Andrew Garb.

Sinatra died last month. He left his widow, Barbara, two homes, other property and up to $3.5 million. His children, who had already been given rights to much of Sinatra's lucrative music catalog, received $200,000 each plus undivided interests in a Beverly Hills office building.

His heirs have up to four months to challenge the will. Garb said the lack of any initial objection is a sign that a challenge is unlikely.