Coyotes spotted around Westport

August 3, 2018

WESTPORT — Westport officials have received several reports of coyote sighting around town over the past two weeks, according to a statement from police.

The coyotes that have been spotted appear to have sarcoptic mange, police said. Mange is a parasitic mite that can be spread by animal-to-animal contact and eventually kills the animal. Animals with sarcoptic mange will have hair loss and skin lesions and often sun themselves on lawns because it makes the condition feel better, according to the statement.

The condition won’t make coyotes more aggressive, but coyotes with mange should still be avoided. Police recommend making sure food isn’t left out on a property, grills are cleaned off, and garbage bins are closed.

If a resident sees a coyote that appears to have sarcoptic mange, they are asked to contact Animal Control at at (203) 341-5076 or the Westport Police Department at (203) 341-6000.

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