High School Roudnup, 9/18

September 18, 2018

Ian Fedorchak and Colin Virkitis each had two wins to lead Carbondale Area to a 5½-3½ win over Western Wayne in a Lackawanna Golf League Division II match Monday at Red Maples. Landon Firmstone had two wins for Western Wayne. Individuals: Stone Wormuth (CAR) and Robert Carey (WW) split; Ian Fedorchak (CAR) over Jacob McCormick, 1-up; Noah Newcomb (CAR) and Connor Kwiatkowski (WW) split; Landon Firmstone (WW) over Marino DePalma, 2 and 1; Pat Durkin (CAR) and Matt Stone (WW) split; Colin Virkitis (CAR) over Johnny Barcarola, 3 and 2. Better-ball: Wormuth-Fedorchak over Carey-McCormick, 1-up; Kwiatkowski-Firmstone over Newcomb-DePalma, 2 and 1; Durkin-Virkitis over Stone-Barcarola, 2 and 1. Records: CAR 10-1, WW 11-2. Mid Valley 7½, Holy Cross 1½ At Scott Greens, Albert Kausmeyer and Adam Berardelli swept three points in the first group to lead Mid Valley. Declan Tokash won his individual match for Holy Cross. Individuals: Albert Kausmeyer (MV) over Ryan Evans, 4 and 3; Adam Berardelli (MV) over Tyler Mendicino, 2 and 1; Declan Tokash (HC) over Bobby Zalenski, 4 and 3; Mariah Minter (MV) over Mathias Boles, 3 and 2; Adam Jackson (MV) over Jordan McAndrew, 4 and 3; Shane Rosencrans (MV) over Colin Walsh, 3 and 1. Better-ball: Kausmeyer-Berardelli over Evans-Mendicino, 4 and 3; Zalenski-Minter and Tokash-Boles split; Jackson-Rosencrans over McAndrew-Walsh, 3 and 1. Records: MV 8-3, HC 3-8. Scranton Prep 9, Blue Ridge 0 At the Scranton Muni, Collin Ennis-Andrew Mariotti and M.J. Stivala-Pat Burke shot even-par in better-ball to lead Scranton Prep’s sweep. Individuals: Collin Ennis over Preston Perry, 4 and 3; Andrew Mariotti over Andrew Scott, 5 and 4; M.J. Stivala over Tyler Hillard, 5 and 4; Pat Burke over Jake Dowton, 5 and 4; Matt Tressler over Kevin Silfee, 2 and 1; Michael Sewack over Kyle Spoor, 5 and 4. Better-ball: Ennis-Mariotti over Perry-Scott, 4 and 3; Stivala-Burke over Hillard-Dowton, 5 and 4; Tressler-Sewack over Silfee-Spoor, 3 and 1. Records: SP 13-0, BR 3-7-1. Lackawanna Trail 7, Elk Lake 2 At Rock Creek, Andrew Kazmierczak and Luke Walker swept three points in the middle group to lead Lackawanna Trail. Jason Mowry had two wins for Elk Lake. Individuals: Jason Mowry (EL) over Adam Jones, 5 and 4; J.P. Gilroy (LT) over Nate Warriner, 3 and 1; Andrew Kazmierczak (LT) over Colby Baker, 4 and 2; Luke Walker (LT) by forfeit; Josh Rzucidlo (LT) over Nate Sheldon, 2 and 1; Luke Baldwin (LT) by forfeit. Better-ball: Mowry-Warriner over Jones-Gilroy, 5 and 4; Kazmierczak-Walker over Baker, 4 and 2; Rzucidlo-Baldwin over Sheldon, 2 and 1. Records: LT 3-6-1, EL 1-11. Montrose 5½ Mountain View 3½ At Rock Creek, Jared Corson won his match on the last hole to secure the victory for Montrose. Thomas Johnson had two wins for Mountain View. Individuals: Riley Brown (MON) over Johnny Johnson, 5 and 4; Ben DeMark (MV) over Alexis Hawley, 3 and 2; Isaac Walker (MON) and Matt Schwartztrauber (MV) split; Caroline Stack (MON) over Emma Masters, 5 and 4; Thomas Johnson (MV) over A.J. Dovin, 3 and 2; Jared Corson (MON) over Travis St. Clair, 1-up. Better-ball: Brown-DeMark over J. Johnson-Hawley, 5 and 4; Walker-Stack over Schwartztrauber-Masters, 2-up; T. Johnson-St. Clair over Dovin-Corson, 3 and 2. Records: MON 8-4, MV 3-7-1. Wallenpaupack 9 West Scranton 0 At Paupack Hills, Alex Pillar and Jack Mowatt each had two birdies to lead Wallenpaupack to a Division I win. Individuals: Alex Pillar over Connor Carlton, 4 and 3; Nick Hamer over Vicky Reilly, 4 and 3; Jack Mowatt over Caleb Hamm, 3 and 2; A.J. Keller over Jake Butka, 2 and 1; Alex Davies over Tyler Michel, 2 and 1; Evan Regenski over Tom Noll, 3 and 2. Better-ball: Pillar-Hamer over Carlton-Reilly, 4 and 3; Mowatt-Keller over Hamm-Butka, 3 and 2; Davies-Regenski over Michel-Noll, 2 and 1. Records: WAL 8-3, WS 1-9. Abington Heights 9 West Scranton 0 On the Pines Course at the Country Club of Scranton, Dan Flickinger had one birdie and shot 2-over 37 to lead Abington Heights. Individuals: Connor Kelleher over Stephen Tabone, 2 and 1; Bryce Reiner over Jarred Morris, 5 and 4; Dan Flickinger over Drew Yanni, 5 and 4; Mike Marion over Vito Ciullo, 4 and 3; Andrew Kirtley over Justin Dorneman, 5 and 4; Rion Murtaj over Pat Cosgrove 4 and 3. Better-ball: Kelleher-Reiner over Tabone-Morris, 3 and 2; Flickinger-Marion over Yanni-Ciullo, 5 and 4; Kirtley-Murtaj over Dorneman-Cosgrove, 5 and 4. Records: AH 10-0, WS 1-10. Abington Heights 9 Delaware Valley 0 On the Pines Course at the Country Club of Scranton, Troy Kelleher and James Flickinger combined to shoot 4-under in better-ball to lead Abington Heights. Kelleher shot 2-under with two birdies and Flickinger had three birdies. Individuals: Troy Kelleher over Brian McKean, 4 and 3; James Flickinger over Kevin McKean, 3 and 2; Will Brown over Matt Salus, 5 and 4; Bryce Florey over Jackson Shafer, 5 and 4; Nick Sebastianelli over Jack Lutfy, 5 and 4; Collin Jenkins over Machias Magill, 3 and 1. Better-ball: Kelleher-Flickinger over B. McKean-K. McKean, 4 and 3; Brown-Florey over Salus-Shafer, 5 and 4; Sebastianelli-Jenkins over Lutfy-Magill, 5 and 4. Records: AH 11-0, DV 4-7. Valley View 9, Scranton 0 On the front nine at Scranton Muni, Franco Pazzaglia and Logan Gavin swept three points in the first group to lead Valley View. Individuals: Franco Pazzaglia over Justin Arthur, 3 and 2; Logan Gavin over Nino Carachilo, 4 and 3; Tony Carmadella over Pat McCormack, 3 and 2; Bob Craig over Jason Shields, 4 and 3; Drew Higgins over Ryan Wozniak, 5 and 4; Billy Durkin over Matt Prothero, 5 and 4. Better-ball: Pazzaglia-Gavin over Arthur-Carachilo, 4 and 3; Carmadella-Craig over McCormack-Shields, 4 and 3; Higgins-Durkin over Wozniak-Prothero, 5 and 4. Records: VV 7-4, SCR 0-11. Girls volleyball Jerni Schell had 20 digs, five aces and 15 points and Katie White had 10 aces, 19 points and five kills to lead Blue Ridge to a 3-2 win over Western Wayne in a Lackawanna League match. Hunter Heeman had 14 kills for the Lady Raiders and Alison Marshman had 16 assists. Rebecca Klemovitch had 15 kills, seven aces and five blocks for Western Wayne and Sydney Krompasky had seven kills. Western Wayne (4-2) 19 20 25 25 10 Blue Ridge (5-1) 25 25 22 22 15 JV: BR, 2-0. Dunmore 3, Forest City 0 At Forest City, Brooke Frable had seven kills and eight points to lead Dunmore. Lydia Meade had eight assists and seven points for the Lady Bucks and Katherine Hopkins had 10 points and five kills. Jordan Coles had 16 points and five aces for Forest City, Kianna Savage had eight points and Faith Ursich had 20 digs and seven points. Dunmore (6-0) 25 25 25 Forest City (3-3) 16 13 23 JV: DUN, 2-0. Susquehanna 3 Mountain View 0 At Susquehanna, Kaylee Landry had five digs and seven points and McKenzie Rhone had eight kills, five digs and 12 points to lead the Lady Sabers. Bethany Burns had eight points for the winners and Bethany Maby had 13 assists. Tasha Shay had 17 assists for Mountain View and Madison Williams had five kills. Mountain View (2-4) 19 13 23 Susquehanna (5-1) 25 25 25 JV: SUS, 2-0. Montrose 3 Abington Heights 1 At Abington Heights, Renee Arnold had seven points and Jessie Fassler had eight assists to lead Montrose. Adele Hollander had nine aces and 13 digs for Abington Heights and Kaelee Whipple had five aces. Montrose (3-3) 24 25 25 25 Abington Heights (1-5) 26 18 17 23 Lackawanna Trail 3, Elk Lake 0 At Lackawanna Trail, Ashtyn Mecca had seven aces, eight kills and nine assists and Monica Stuenzi had seven points to lead the Lady Lions. Montana Kerr had five kills for Elk Lake and Anna Comly had six assists. Elk Lake (0-6) 19 8 18 Lackawanna Trail (1-5) 25 25 25 JV: EL, 2-0. Girls tennis Sarah Sposito and Megan Carney had singles wins to lead North Pocono to a 3-2 victory over Western Wayne in a Lackawanna League match. Journey Sosa won at No. 3 singles for Western Wayne. Singles: Sarah Sposito (NP) over Allison Mattern, 6-7 (3), 6-1, 6-4; Megan Carney (NP) over Sam Atcavage, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4; Journey Sosa (WW) over Ashley Dunn, 7-5, 7-5. Doubles: Abby Burke-Maddy Godfrey (WW) over Marie LaRosa-Natalie Deal, 6-2, 6-3; Ally Stefanski-Parry Salak (NP) over Cosette Talarico-Krystal Tregaskis, 6-4, 6-1. Records: NP 5-3, WW 6-4.

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