Thankful for Nikki Delamotte and all she meant to us and to the life of this city: editorial

November 22, 2018

Thankful for Nikki Delamotte and all she meant to us and to the life of this city: editorial

It may be hard for any of us to find redemptive power in the cruel and undeserved death of anyone, especially someone as kind and selfless as our late cleveland.com colleague, Nikki Delamotte. She was laid to rest Tuesday in the good, green, fertile earth of Ohio according to her wishes by a small group of devoted family, friends and colleagues. A public memorial service is planned for Saturday at 1 p.m. at her alma mater of Cleveland State University, in the third-floor Student Center Grand Ballroom at 2121 Euclid Avenue.

But the whole impact of Nikki, of her generosity of spirit, of her boundless belief in others, is still playing out, and it will for years to come as those she touched carry forth her love of this city and its lesser-known artists and characters. Her mark will remain on our newsroom, which has bonded even tighter and vowed together to reflect her spirit in our work. Her impact will remain on those previously unheralded artists and others, including many amazing women, whom she brought in from the cold with her words and attention. 

Nikki strongly believed in Lake Erie Ink, the local nonprofit that nurtures youth writers. Our newsroom has committed to help nurture that group and its budding literary talents, too. You can contribute, as well, by using the Action Button at the bottom of this post to support Nikki’s favorite cause. 

Nikki’s legacy is strong within us. For that, we are so thankful, even amidst the sadness and loss.

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