NFL Showing Disrespect

September 12, 2018

Editor: The NFL is once again showing disrespect to every person that buys a ticket but wants to see football only. What other business in America would allow their employees to show any form of disrespect to any of its customers when they come for a visit to their place of business? Why don’t these spoiled players stop dividing the country and the people that use sports as an escape from the everyday problems of life and don’t want politics or personal causes to take away from that three-hour escape from reality? It’s a good thing that the guy who started this all did not drop his pants to moon the flag during the anthem or the NFL would have to change the name from Monday night football to Monday night moon ball because all of the other players would follow. Why don’t these players stop using the safety of the police and employers’ protection for their protests and put their boots on the ground and go to the streets of Chicago, where people are being slaughtered on a daily basis? Of course black lives matter, as do all others and when children are being gunned down in the streets and the NFL wants only to protest some police shootings it just seems like a double standard. These sissies should get off their knees and stand on their feet and take their protests to the streets of Chicago where they could use all the help that they can get. Joseph Fisher WILKES-BARRE

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