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TOKo Santa Fe will fill vacancy on Marcy Street

The New MexicanMay 28, 2019

TOKo Santa Fe will fill the third and final vacancy of the former Design Warehouse space on Marcy Street — joining Artful Teas, which opened in early April, and WearAbouts, which moved across the street in early May.

TOKo Santa Fe is the newest retail endeavor for Jill Heppenheimer, who owned Santa Fe Weaving Gallery on Galisteo Street from 1992 to 2014. She sold the weaving shop to focus on her TOKo Collections, a wholesale, high-end artisan women’s fashion business she started in 2011.

“I was just ready to jump again to retail,” Heppenheimer said

She only noticed the remaining opening at 101 Marcy St. at the end of April. She contacted building owner Paul DeDomenico and hopes to open her 1,250-square-foot shop by June 12.

Designers who have been with Heppenheimer since she started TOKo Collections also will be featured at the store. These are YaccoMaricard, Ulrike Isensee and Margo Selby.

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