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Maddie, David and Oscar Boost ABC; NBC Wins Week

April 8, 1987

NEW YORK (AP) _ Maddie and David and Oscar and Barbara helped perennially third-place ABC to a second-place finish in the Nielsen ratings.

NBC won the week anyway, with an average rating of 16.7 and a 26 share to ABC’s 15.8 and 25. CBS had 15.2 and 24. NBC’s season-to-date average rating is 17.9; CBS’ is 16.0 and ABC’s is 14.2, the A.C. Nielsen Co. said Tuesday.

The Academy Awards show on ABC rated a 27.5, barely besting the 27.3 for last year’s broadcast, the worst-rated Oscar show ever.

But ABC’s top-rated ″Moonlighting″ got its biggest audience ever for a climactic episode in which viewers were promised detectives Maddie and David ″between the sheets″ at last. And Barbara Walters’ special preceding the Oscars, with Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and Debra Winger, also landed in the top 10.

The top-rated shows last week were: ″The Cosby Show,″ ″Family Ties,″ ″Moonlighting,″ ″Cheers,″ the Academy Awards, ″Growing Pains,″ ″Murder, She Wrote,″ ″Who’s the Boss?″ the Barbara Walters special and ″Golden Girls.″

″Cosby″ had a rating of 37.9 and a 56 share.

The rating is a percentage of the nation’s estimated 87.4 million homes with televisions. The share is a percentage of the audience viewing during a particular time period.

CBS won in the news ratings, with an average rating of 12.8 and a 23 share to NBC’s 12.4 and 22. ABC had a 10.9 and 19.

This month’s ratings will determine whether many new, prime-time shows will be back.

For NBC, so far so good for ″Nothing in Common,″ which premiered last week in 14th place. ″Roomies″ is a question mark at 43rd. ″Rags to Riches″ is no longer a definite contender, having fallen to 46th. ″Bronx Zoo″ is unimpressive in 50th. And ″The Tortellis″ continues to do poorly, in 51st.

ABC’s ″Max Headroom,″ a critically praised sci-fi drama, debuted a respectable 26th after the ″Moonlighting″ lead-in. But ″The Charmings″ was not finding an audience at 53rd, and the new prison drama ″Mariah″ was in the dungeon at 55th.

CBS must be thinking seriously about bringing back ″Crazy Like a Fox,″ a comedy detective series canceled last year, after a new TV movie based on the series was 12th last week.

CBS’ cop show ″Houston Knights,″ was 38th, and a likely prospect for next fall. But the network’s new comedies look doomed. ″The Popcorn Kid″ was 57th, ″Take Five″ was 64th and ″Roxie″ was 65th.

The lowest-rated shows in the 70 rankings were, from the bottom: ″Our World,″ ″Jack & Mike,″ ″Walter Cronkite at Large,″ ″Wizard,″ ″Destination America,″ ″Roxie,″ ″Take Five,″ ″Cagney and Lacey,″ ″Our House″ and ″Winter of Our Discontent.″

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