Students run to get playground upgrade at Carver Elementary in Florence

November 10, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. – During the 2018 Fun Run, Carver students walked and ran laps around their track Friday to raise money to make the playground more inclusive.

This is the second year Carver has hosted the Fun Run for playground renovations. This year’s goal is to add another bench, renovate the basketball court and add a sensory board.

Prior to the event, students got businesses and community members to pledge their support. For each lap the students run, their sponsors will donate a certain amount of money toward the playground renovations.

At the end of the run, students were given envelopes, which they will the money from. Each grade ran for 50 minutes during their related-arts time.

First-grade teacher Karen Munn said prior to the Fun Run that the school has raised more than $3,000.

For the Fun Run, first-grade students Woods Taylor and Parker Terrio designed T-shirts with pumpkin going into a basketball hoop on the front to sell leading up to the fundraiser.

Parents volunteered at the Fun Run to tally students’ laps as they ran.

Parent Amy Crisp, whose son spoke up in Nunn’s class last year about the program, said she came out because she thinks this is a good fundraiser that gets the whole school involved.

“It’s a fun thing to do to raise money instead of the traditional ways we’ve raised money with,” Crisp said.

Crisp said it has been wonderful to see the playground begin to get renovated.

“We’ve gotten several new pieces that we got before the end of school last year,” Crisp said. “It was great for the kids to see the fruits of their labor.”

Fourth-grade student Caitlynn Kelly ran 12 laps during the Fun Run. Caitlynn said she liked taking part in the Fun Run because it was fun and they will get a better playground.

Munn said last year the Fun Run got started after her first-grade students said they wanted to fix the playground and make it more inclusive for all students.

After the students spoke up about their desire to see the playground get fixed, Munn, along with a friend and the physical education teacher, came up with the idea for the Fun Run.

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