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Judge OKs TV Marriage Annulment

April 5, 2000

LAS VEGAS (AP) _ A judge annulled the made-for-TV marriage of millionaire Rick Rockwell and Darva Conger, who testified Wednesday she wasn’t told about her groom’s background before their on-air wedding.

Rockwell, 42, selected Conger, 34, from among 50 contestants on the Fox TV show ``Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?″ They married on the spot and left for a Caribbean honeymoon cruise _ during which they barely saw each other.

Despite smash ratings, Fox canceled a rebroadcast of the show after it was disclosed that a former fiancee obtained a restraining order against Rockwell in 1991, saying he hit and threatened her. He denies the allegations.

``He was not honest and did not represent those restraining orders,″ Conger told Family Court Judge Steven E. Jones.

Rockwell did not appear in court and no lawyer appeared for him.

In a statement, he said: ``I’m kind of disappointed that the annulment is final because for a while I was the only man in the world who could meet a woman and tell her, `My wife doesn’t understand and we’re splitting up,′ and she would actually believe it.″

Jones could have granted the annulment based simply on Conger’s March 7 written request, but said he called the hearing because Conger entered into a ``very legal wedding ceremony.″

Conger’s attorney, John Hanover, told the judge that the marriage was a fraud and that Conger and Rockwell had signed an agreement before the Feb. 15 broadcast saying they could annul the marriage at any time.

Outside court and once more a free woman, Conger said she never plans to talk to Rockwell again.

``I have to learn from this and move on,″ she said.

When a reporter asked if she planned to marry again, Conger quipped: ``Is that a proposal?″

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