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Bush Reaches Out to World Leaders

September 18, 2001

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Bush, reaching out to build a global alliance, said Tuesday he hopes to ``rally the world″ in the battle against terrorism and predicted that all ``people who love freedom″ would join. French President Jacques Chirac said his nation stands firmly with the United States in the effort.

A week after the nation’s worst terrorist attack, Bush said his goal was ``to find terrorists, to smoke them out of their holes, and to get them and to bring them to justice.″

Bush spoke as he began an evening dinner meeting with Chirac.

For his part, Chirac said, ``This tragegy does not have a parallel.″

``We stand in total solidarity,″ he said, speaking through an interpreter.

However, Chirac stopped short of using Bush’s ``war″ terminology.

``I don’t know if we can say war, but (it is) a conflict of an entirely new nature,″ Chirac said.

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