Readers weigh in on why people are leaving state

December 29, 2018

Arecent editorial noted that West Virginia’s population has declined slightly this decade while all other states have seen increases. There are two reasons the state is losing people. One is that more people are dying here than are being born here.

The other is that more people move out than move in. In short, West Virginia is not a place where people of childbearing age tend to want to live. The situation drew several responses on The Herald-Dispatch’s Facebook page. Here is a sample.

Carla Vance Hesseltine: Came home for the holidays and was so happy to enjoy the downtown area. The new shops, The Market and great Christmas decorations. It’s great to see the city coming back to life. I don’t live here anymore but happy to support the local businesses and always looking for opportunities to invest. There’s a lot going right in Huntington — kudos to Econ. Dev. and everyone working so hard. Go Herd!

Kyle McCallister: Grew up here. Left over a year and a half, and I’ve become more successful after leaving than I ever had in my 28 years there. Only visit to see family at this point

Tori Buck: Kyle McCallister I left nearly 3 years ago after being there 30 years and same outcome.

Trista Ross Kearns: Ugh. Can you folks please explain this to my husband? He doesn’t ever want to move away from here.

Glade Keener: I moved here from Rhode Island, been here 15 years, and love it. Problems are everywhere. There is no magical paradise in other states.

Kelly LeeAnn Price: Left 5 years ago, couldn’t pay me to come back. Visited during the holidays, super depressing area.

Mary Shannon-Lester: I had to leave after 67 years. Broke my heart to leave.

Jessica Thompson: I grew up here. I moved away for a couple years and came back, but this is not where I plan to stay. Here for family and that’s it.

Kevin McPherson: This state has a plethora of problems! Not worth a plug nickel

Brandon Ray Kirk: Free trade, labor unions, drugs and Democrats have ruined this state. It will take years to recover. Hang in there!

Brandy Leann: Probably the drugs but that’s what happens when you enable idiots.

Lisa Davis: I dream of leaving here ... meanwhile, I tend to cameras hung on each post trying to detour the thieves!

Tori Buck: They keep electing the same ol’ same ol’ and wonder why nothing changes. Exactly why I moved, no jobs, everyone is on drugs, dying or bitter for the most part.

Dave Rowan: The biggest problem facing WV is the

Democrat Party.

Warren Stephens: Dave uh you mean Republican Party there bud it’s a red state ... voted mostly red this November.

Dave Rowan: Warren Stephens ... 83 years of Democrat leadership is what ruined WV. There you are corrected.

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