Lorelei Sprott: Protect Havasu’s backyard

January 1, 2019

Editor: I have been a long-time resident of the Tri-State area. I hold a deep love and appreciation for Lake Havasu. Since the 1970s to the present Lake Havasu City has grown in so many ways, wonderful and not. “Not,” you ask? It breaks my heart to see the literal desecration of Havasu’s greatest treasure beyond the lake. The desert and hills around it teaming with wildlife and rich history from settlers of the past. I am heartbroken to see on the north side behind the mall, cars, RVs, trucks with trailers destroying this gift! Once home to rare animals and plants with picture perfect breathtaking views, it’s now a series of roadways, trails and campsites/dumpsites littering the area. Not to mention changing the migration, breeding and living habits of the first residents, the wildlife and view. Is this the impression we want for visitors to our area to see?

How can this happen? Am I the only one to see this abomination? I know there are laws and ordinances to protect the area, and with a little digging I found several! So where is county and law enforcement? Then I ask where are the county employees that are paid to maintain our laws and ordinances? This is not Phoenix but a small city and county that the needed enforcement can be achieved with minimal effort. Get the word out! Back it by action! People, protect your homeland. Animal lives, vegetation, topography (the physical appearance of the natural features of an area of land) are forever changed. Shame on you, Mohave County, for turning your back; such a crime!

Lorelei Sprott

Corona, California

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