Windber school board approves purchase of visitors bleachers

August 23, 2018

Windber Stadium is going to receive more than $163,000 in upgrades and 500 more seats next month.

During a school board meeting Tuesday, officials approved the purchase of visitors bleachers through the Keystone Purchasing Network, a national purchasing cooperative.

Superintendent Joe Kimmel said the bleachers will be more than just a place to sit. They also come equipped with a 36-by-24-foot platform.

“We could use it for a stage for concerts facing either way –– on the field or out on the grassy throwing area,” he said. “I envision us having programs there for graduation ceremonies and community events. We could have musicians there and a canopy over top as well.”

A canopy is not funded, but the district is accepting donations to build it later.

“When planning this, it was originally just bleachers, which we wanted to do for safety because emotions get the best of people and that would help eliminate that,” he said. “The second reason would be to provide for athletic events and more, for the arts, community, music and whatever comes up.

“The third reason would be to host more events here such as state playoff games and those types of things.”

In addition to the 500 seats for visitors, the stadium has 1,800 seats on the home side and even more room in standing areas.

“We could possibly have Ken Lantzy games, all-star games, big track events,” Kimmel said. “We know it’s a premier athletic facility and want to take it to the next step to make it a functional community and dual purpose area.”

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