Bombast or truth?

September 28, 2018

Who is Tim Freeman to politicize the statement of a honorable man like Alek Skarlotos?

One truth is that the politics of egoism and self-righteousness is on its way out. Ask the commissioners who led the county down a path of self-interest if it has gone well. Ask the current commissioners if they have improved the county. We can hope for better results.

I do not know Alek personally, but I know he is an outstanding man who will take this responsibility seriously. He cares not for the money or job security, but he is willing to make a change in the county. I support him and you should take a stand for Alek. It’s time to have a check on our current commissioners. This is a test that we must not fail. I am not a Republican, but I am a citizen who cares.

I cast my vote for Alek.

Roberto Jaramillo


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