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Three Of Five Convicts Recaptured In Montreal

August 29, 1986

MONTREAL, Quebec (AP) _ Three of five convicts who pulled off a spectacular escape from a maximum- security prison last month were recaptured today in early morning raids at two Montreal apartment buildings, police said.

Police also arrested three women on charges of aiding criminals and seized several guns, said Constable Robert Poeti, a spokesman for Quebec Provincial police.

He said the convicts did not resist when tactical squad officers burst into the apartments.

Recaptured were Yves Plamondon, 35, sentenced to a life term for first- degree murder; Marcel Isabelle, 30, sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted murder; and Serge Beaulieu, 39, sentenced to 20 years for attempted murder.

The search continues for two other men, convicted murderers Roch Pelletier, 46, and Yves Lasalle, 32, who also escaped July 15.

The five slid through an opening in the floor in the prisoners canteen to reach a 500-foot network of underground heating and sewage shafts and tunnels.

They crawled through the maze to reach a manhole outside the gates of Laval penitentiary, where help was apparently waiting to speed them away.

Their escape went unnoticed for hours and resulted in a security clampdown at the prison. The trap door in the canteen was cemented shut and underground ducts were narrowed to prevent any repeat attempts.

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