Food inspection reports reveal violations at Greenwich High School

January 25, 2019

GREENWICH — Health inspectors found a number of violations at the dining facilities at Greenwich High School in late 2018, according to reports on file at Greenwich Department of Environmental Services.

Of the 88 health inspections carried out by the town late last year, none required any facilities to be closed for a failing score. But inspectors found long-standing problems at the high school, and a number of other establishments came in with low scores. A score of 80 is a failing grade and can cause a restaurant to be closed, if immediate improvements are not carried out.

Inspectors look for improperly stored or handled food, adequate access to soap and hot water, flies, mildew and broken equipment. The most serious violation, four-points, involve plumbing problems, food that is not properly cooled, food workers with illnesses and improper hand-washing.

At Greenwich High School, the inspector two 4-point violations on December 19. Items at the griddle, veggies and pancake batter, were above the 41-degree limit. In addition, there was no hot water at a hand sink at a prep area.

“Since there is no or not adequate hot water to wash hands properly, this is considered a high risk violation,” the inspection noted. The file also stated “repeat violation, last four months.”

In addition, the inspection faulted the high-school for not properly dating food items, like cold-cuts, when they were opened.

Other public schools scored in the 90’s or at 100.

At Greenwich Country Day School, a four-point violation was issued after it was discovered that there was no backflow device installed on a hose. The matter was corrected.

At Eastern Middle School, a number of issues were found. Duct tape was improperly used on equipment on service line, a thermometer was difficult to read in cold holding unit and a money-drawer was being stored in a freezer, according to the inspection report.

There was no immediate comment from the school district this week.

The latest inspection reports revealed a number of issues at Yangtze in Riverside, which initially scored a 75, later corrected to 85. The inspector found an inaccessible hand sink and a sanitizer bucket that did not have enough chlorine. Kitchen tongs were improperly stored, the report stated.

The Beach House Cafe in Old Greenwich recorded a 4-point violation and a score of 82. Food in a cold holding area was found at 48 degrees, not the required 41 degrees, and other violations included unclean tongs on oven handles, dumpster lids open and an unclean can opener.

Fuji Mart, at 1212 East Putnam, was scored at 82. There were two 4-point violations noted: small refrigerator had food at 47 degrees. An inaccessible hand sink was discovered, the report stated. Water-damaged ceiling tiles were found in the basement.

Little Thai Kitchen on St. Roch Avenue came in with another score in the low 80’s in the current reporting period, at 83. A food worker was seen eating in the kitchen, dirty floors and equipment were observed, and there was grease on the hood, according to the inspection.

Bobby Q at 1340 East Putnam Avenue was ordered to make speedy corrections to its hand-washing facilities, as they were inadequate, the report stated.


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