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Air Force Officer Found Guilty Of Adultery, Fraternization

November 11, 1986

LITITLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. (AP) _ An Air Force officer was convicted Monday of adultery with two men who worked with her at Titan 2 nuclear missile silos and was sentenced to be dismissed from the military.

After deliberating for more than six hours, a 10-member military jury found 2nd Lt. Naomi Haye guilty of two counts of adultery and one count of fraternization.

However, after the convictions were announced, military judge Lt. Col. J. Jeremiah Mahoney set aside the adultery charge regarding one of the affairs because it would be redundant to convict Mrs. Haye of adultery and fraternization for the same conduct with one man.

The court deliberated more than six hours before returning its verdict. The jurors spent four more hours behind doors before announcing the sentence. Ms. Haye was ordered dismissed from the Air Force with the forfeiture of all pay and benefits.

Mrs. Haye could have been sentenced to as much as three years in prison.

Her civilian attorney, Morgan Welch, said afterward that Mrs. Haye had given him a message to convey.

The message, Welch said, is that ″if you are a female officer on a Titan missile crew, you should consider getting out now, because to do otherwise leaves you open to sexual harassment and ultimate prosecution if you don’t put out.″

Mrs. Haye, 29, of New York, was convicted of adultery last year with Capt. Robert J. Burns, 28, who is married. She was also convicted of adultery and fraternization with T-Sgt. Thomas Bush, 32, in January and February.

All three are assigned to the 308th Strategic Missile Wing at Little Rock Air Force Base. The wing is in charge of Titan 2 silos in Arkansas. The aging missiles are being dismantled.

Welch said Mrs. Haye was the target of an Air Force witch hunt. He argued that Mrs. Haye was being selectively prosecuted because she is a white female officer married to a black enlisted man.

″I think the prosecution has been unequal in its treatment of my client as opposed to the male members,″ Welch said earlier in the trial.

Mrs. Haye testified Saturday that she had an affair with Burns but not with Bush. Bush testified she performed oral sex on him in a silo.

The verdict will be automatically appealed to a military court in Washington.

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