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Text of Linda Tripp’s Lawyers

July 1, 1998

Text of statement made by Linda Tripp’s lawyers, Joseph Murtha and Anthony Zaccagnini, outside the Federal Courthouse after her testimony before the Starr grand jury:

Murtha: Mr. Zaccagnini will be making a statement on behalf of Mrs. Tripp today, but I just want to point out that we won’t be entertaining any questions, and we won’t be entertaining any questions particularly about the substance of Ms. Tripp’s testimony.

And at this time I’m going to introduce Mr. Zaccagnini.

Zaccagnini: Good afternoon. I would like to introduce you to Linda’s children, Allison and Ryan. Allison and Ryan have asked me to convey to all of Linda’s supporters their sincere appreciation for the messages of support that have been provided to Linda. They want everyone to know that those letters and messages are getting to Linda and are having a very positive effect on their mother.

Linda has completed her first day of testimony before the grand jury. She anticipated she will return to the grand jury on Thursday for another full day of testimony.

When she exited the grand jury room, I had an opportunity to ask her how it was going, and she told me _ and I quote _ ``I find it very easy to truthfully answer the questions posed to me by the prosecutors and the grand jury.″

And that sums up our first day before the grand jury.

Thank you very much.

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