Believers, skeptics welcomed to newly-opened Bigfoot Museum in Nebraska

October 8, 2018

HASTINGS, Neb. — Skeptics and believers alike can learn more about Bigfoot thanks to a new museum.

The Crossroads of America Bigfoot Museum in Hastings hosted its grand opening recently. Harriett McFeely, the museum’s owner, said she became interested in Bigfoot after seeing footprints on Mount Everest on TV.

“I was 8 years old and they showed pictures on TV of these footprints that the Himalayan natives called ‘yeti.’ I saw those pictures and never doubted it,” McFeely said. “That was when I got interested in science. I studied science on my own for years. Then, in 1967, Patty walked down Bluff Creek, everybody saw that and I was hooked for life.”

She said she got the idea for the Bigfoot Museum after looking at her dining room table cluttered with Bigfoot artifacts.

“I couldn’t see it. Just about everything that is in this museum I have had in my dining room,” McFeely said. “There were pictures, footprints and everything; it was driving me crazy. I have gone out to different places and given talks. I take different things to groups. I thought it would be so much fun for people to see that.”

The Grand Island Independent reports that the artifacts housed at the Bigfoot Museum include three 2,000-year-old skulls, Bigfoot hand castings and a picture of Bigfoot “Patty” famously walking across Bluff Creek in 1967. She also received hand castings from Cliff Barackman of the Animal Planet TV show, “Finding Bigfoot.”

She added she found a lot of the artifacts in her museum, but others gave her some items as well.

McFeely said she realizes some people are skeptical about the existence of Bigfoot, but she still welcomes them to her museum.

“I like skeptics because they ask really good questions and make you think,” she said. “In all this time, I have only had one skeptic that was really nasty.”

The cost to visit the Crossroads of America Bigfoot Museum is $5. It is closed on Mondays.


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