New Chevron gets unique design approval

December 17, 2018

Joseph Scheinberg wants to change the way people view gas stations, from the back of the store to the shape of the canopy.

Scheinberg has been designing gas stations for other people but for the first of his own, he is building a Chevron station on Garden Valley Blvd. in Roseburg.

“Everyone is building for today, I don’t want to do that. I want to build and design for the future,” Scheinberg said. “Gas stations are typically known as places where you want to get in and get out.

“I want to change that,” he continued. “I want to create a different environment, a family friendly environment that’s safe. I have gone to so many gas stations and I just don’t want to go there anymore.”

Scheinberg wants his gas station to stand out, so he got approval from Chevron to build a hexagonal canopy instead of rectangular.

“My understanding is we are going to be the first ones. It’s been a tedious process to break away from the existing canopy style out there,” Scheinberg said. “I decided to come up with a new concept, and right now, everybody has their eyes on it because they want to see if it’s going to impact the market. It’s exciting to bring something new to the town.”

He is also planning to lure people out of their cars and into the store. It will be an “Extra Mile” convience store, which will also break the mold as the first of the chain in southern Oregon. The store is designed to help people find things quickly and offers rewards incentives for repeat customers.

“It’s almost like chemistry, a motivation to make you want to get out of the vehicle,” Scheinberg said. “Something nice, something beautiful, something safe, motivates you to a brand that makes you want to get out of the vehicle and go get something for yourself. I think they have a good product and they are willing to move south in Oregon.”

Scheinberg had to run his plan by the Chevron business consultant for Oregon, Alain Steenbeeke who then had to run it through a separate process within the company.

“They are rebuilding it into a bigger and better Chevron station,” Steenbeeke said. “It’s very unusual. They approached me with that idea and typically we have our standard canopies that we have guidelines for, but they wanted to build something different and unique that would grab customers attention.”

Scheinberg wants to have it up and running by March and is working on opening new stations in other towns around Oregon.

“This site is not necessarily representative of what I’m trying to do,” Scheinberg said.” But it’s the entry for me to get to that point.”

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