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Commuter Plane Belly-Lands To Safety

February 23, 1985

BANGOR, Maine (AP) _ A Bar Harbor Airlines plane with three people aboard slid to safety in a belly landing Friday at Bangor International Airport after its landing gear locked.

The 16-seat Beechcraft 99 touched down at 9:16 a.m. after circling the airport for 21/2 hours. No injuries were reported, and an airport dispatcher said damage to the plane was ″very minute.″

Kathy Brown of Bar Harbor, the lone passenger on board, was quoted by an airlines spokesman as saying it was ″a better landing than I’ve had with all the wheels down.″

Flight 1761 took off from Trenton, Maine, at 6:35 a.m., and was bound for Boston, the airline said.

″Shortly after takeoff, an indicator light came on, indicating a problem with the landing gear,″ said Steve Robbins, an airline spokesman.

The flight, with the crew of Capt. Howard Brush and 1st Officer Craig McColl, was diverted to Bangor, and the plane circled the airport to use up fuel while the pilots tried to unsnarl the landing gear.

When those efforts failed, the craft was cleared for landing and ″they brought the plane in without incident with the wheels up,″ Robbins said.

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