New Kensington-Arnold recalls 1 furloughed teacher with more possible in August

July 31, 2018

The New Kensington-Arnold School District has brought back one more furloughed teacher, bringing the total number of recalled teachers up to 18.

Board Secretary Audrey Sleigh said the school directors voted to bring back Larry Ciarelli. No other teachers were recalled at Thursday meeting.

Superintendent John Pallone said earlier in the week that further recalls may have been a possibility -- and that still may occur in August.

The board’s agenda originally indicated that the directors would be voting to recall Brenda Coyle, but she was dropped from the recall list after turning in her resignation on Thursday, according to Sleigh.

In addition to Coyle, Theresa Perman also quit Thursday, Sleigh said.

The district in April furloughed 29 teachers, citing school consolidation, enrollment declines, and expected program cuts.

In May, the district recalled 10 of those teachers. An additional seven were recalled in June.

That means nine teachers furloughed in April are still without jobs.

The board will next meet Aug. 16, Sleigh said.

She said more recalls are expected then.

The issue isn’t anything new. It pops up every year because of an agreement with the teachers union that requires the district to list the teachers who might be furloughed before a budget is finalized.

Historically, most teachers have been recalled.

In May 2017, the district initially said 37 teachers would be furloughed, but recalled most of them when the budget was finalized in June.

About a dozen remained furloughed at the start of last school year.

In 2016, the board said 21 teachers would be furloughed -- all but three ultimately called back.

In 2015, two dozen teachers were cut before the board brought back all but three ahead of the school year. The same thing happened in 2011.

More than 20 teachers were on the furlough list in 2014, but all were recalled.

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