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Borgnine Booms His Lines

July 22, 1999

FRANKFORT, Mich. (AP) _ Ernest Borgnine doesn’t need many takes to get a scene right.

The suspender-clad, gap-toothed actor boomed out his ``Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island″ lines from aboard a small tugboat on Betsie Bay, playing the gruff granddad to perfection.

Rich Brauer, a local producer, hatched the story about a boy and grandfather searching for sunken treasure. With the exception of Borgnine and the film’s Los Angeles-based executive producer, cast members are mostly from Michigan.

The 82-year-old Borgnine said he’s seen little of the Michigan scenery, but he ``might even consider buying some property here.″

``Even though (Brauer) took me all over hell’s half-acre before we got to Frankfort, I love it,″ Borgnine said Tuesday.

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