Lackawanna County Court Notes 5/1/2019

May 1, 2019


• Amanda Ann Fuller and Austin Casswell Miller, both of Carbondale.

• John Thomas Heuskin and Erin Mary Murphy, both of Dunmore.

• Shawn Thomas Palermo and Alice Theresa Bartlow, both of Dunmore.

• Christopher John Napolitano and Damilola Funmilola Balogun, both of Moosic.

• Miguel Angel Mateo II and Caitlin Olivia Fernandez, both of Scranton.


• Jean M. Prorock to Anna Santarelli; a property on Main Street, Blakely, for $240,000.

• Samuel M. Chiarelli, Pitts­ton, to Zachary Thomas and Angela A. McHale, Mayfield; a property in Olyphant for $39,000.

• Shree RR Real Estate LLC, Hazleton, to Harsh TEJ Real Estate LLC, Scranton; a property at 2127 Washburn St., Scran­ton, for $591,163.

• Wendi Ann Chick-Eilber, also known as Wendy A. Chick and Wendi A. Chick, Olyphant, to Stephanie Zimmerman, Dickson City; a property at 126 Palm St., Olyphant, for $121,900

• Carole Jean Roche, Clarks Summit, to Andrew A. Beaudry, Bridgewater, N.J.; two parcels at 208 Edwards Ave., Glenburn Twp., for $146,000.

• Christopher Muracco, by his attorney-in-fact, Deborah Murac­co, to Michael and Debra San­tar­siero; a property at 217 Wil­low St., Dunmore, for $60,000.

• Michael Charles Sayer, attorney-in-fact for Thomas C. Sayer, Glen Mills, to Donna and Joseph Herzog, Lehighton; a property at Big Bass Lake, Covington Twp., for $110,000.

• Denise Gaus, executrix of the estate of Cecelia Kathleen Michalik, Lackawanna County, and Denise Gaus, individually, Susquehanna County, to Sai Naam Realty LLC, Churchville; a property at 2406 Winfield Ave., Scranton, for $62,000.


• Gail P. Collins, Scranton, v Keith D. Collins, Vernon, N.J., married May 16, 1992, in Vernon; pro se.


• Robert Bowman v. Kolleen Casey

• Lynne Michael v. Scott Michael

• Tabetha Corley v. Jeffrey Corley

• James Haney v. Jennifer Haney

• Philip Jewell v. Lisa Jewell

• William Kittrell v. Heather Kittrell

• Kristin Nallin v. Kevin Nallin

• Allison Dutler v. Paul Dutler, Jr.

• Erica Santiago v. Nicholas Santiago

• Andrea Mondak v. Frank Seng

• Eloah Lapi v. Christian Lapi

• Paula Saxe v. William Saxe


• 3 Jacks LLC, trading as 3 Jacks Burger Bar, 233 E. Drinker St., Dunmore; $1,407.62.

• Lake Scranton Urgent Care, 1141 Moosic St., Suite 3, Scranton; $1,430.49.

• VB Restaurant Group, trading as Van Brunt Grill, 109 Van Brunt St., Moscow; $1,653.51.

• Green Ridge Manor Inc., trading as Green Ridge Manor, 1530 Sanderson Ave., Scran­ton; $28,115.81.

• Schultzville Sheet Metal LLC, 1303 Winola Road, Clarks Summit; $1,015.35.

• Universal Chiropractic P.C., 738 Oak St., Scranton; $1,008.76.

• John J. Garzarella, 702 E. Lackawanna Ave., Olyphant; $1,684.

• Ronald A. Pritchyk, 119 Millard St., Old Forge; $922.

• Wallace J. Cook, 111 Wat­kins St., Scranton; $870.93.

• Proficient Painting LLC, 620 Kossuth Ave., Throop; $3,605.07.

• New Age Commercial Servi­ces LLC, 1735 Scott Road, Oly­phant; $1,684.48.


• Mehdi Nikparvar, 460 Fairview Road, Penn Valley; $41,346.49.

• Paul and Mari C. LaBelle, 112 Greenbrier Drive, Clarks Green; $9,489.63.

• John Smolskis, 1312 Monroe Ave., Dunmore; $133,132.43.

• Charles M. Bukoski, 432 Railroad Ave., Scranton; $3,035.37.

• Jaqus L. Nyland, 31 Greenfield Road, Carbondale; $24,146.47.


• Jermiah Roman, 932 Johler Ave., second floor, Scranton, v. Jay’s Commons LP and August DePietro, 305 N. Lincoln Ave., Scranton, seeking in excess of the arbitration limits and in excess of the federal court jurisdictional limits based on diversity jurisdiction, for injuries suffered Feb. 5, 2018, in a fall on the defendants’ premises at 409 N. Main Ave., Scranton; Jeffrey M. Rosenbaum, attorney.


• Albert Paul Picchio, 536 E. Grant St., Olyphant, letters testamentary to Mary Ellen Minter, 102 Fernhill Drive, Olyphant.

• Anthony Picchio, also known as Anthony Paul Picchio, 305 S. Valley Ave., Olyphant, letters testamentary to Mary Ellen Minter, 102 Fernhill Drive, Olyphant.

• Helen K. Tates, 1000 Forest Road, Jefferson Twp., letters testamentary to Charles Kumpas, 103 Grandview St., Clarks Summit.

• Willard Herne, 624 Cedar Ave., Scranton, letters of administration to Philip Herne, 507 Fellows St., Scranton.

• Anna A. Francisco, 2057 N. Turnpike Road, Dalton, letters testamentary to Neil Mont­gomery, 54 Church Road, Tunkhannock.

• Grace L. Lezinski, also known as Grace Louise Lezinski, 514 Justus Blvd., Scott Twp., letters of administration to Stephen T. Lezinski, 3615 Commodore Joshua Barney Drive N.E., Washington, D.C., and Aimee G. Sweeney, 14 Grandview Drive, Duncannon.

• Joseph Pezak, 259 Main St., Olyphant, letters of administration to Alice Pezak, 3810 Via Poinciana, Kendall Lake Worth, Fla.

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