Irrigation technology showcased at convention

November 29, 2018

KANSAS CITY - Irrigation technology is ever changing and one organization is helping promote that to producers.

John Farner is the Government and Public Affairs Director with the Irrigation Association and tells News Talk WJAG it’s amazing how much technology has transformed that whole side of the industry.

“On the center pivot side we’re talking about variable rate irrigation. You can actually change how much water is being delivered to the crops throughout the crop circle and not only that, you can manage that from your cell phone. Where as before a farmer had to go out and manage that hands on, now you can be across the globe and know exactly how much water is being delivered to your crop and how your crop is doing all through your phone.”

Farner says they also hope a farm bill is passed soon, and are excited about what’s in both the House and Senate versions as it relates to water policy, and conservation programs.

For more information go to Irrigation.org.

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