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BC-MN--Minnesota Weekend Exchange Digest, MN

February 28, 2018

Here are the Minnesota AP Member Exchange Features for March 3-5:

For use Saturday-Sunday and thereafter:


ST. PAUL, Minn. — A Minnesota man has come to reject guns after fatally shooting a man more than 20 years ago. Richard McLemore first viewed guns as a show of power. McLemore says now that guns make him feel uncomfortable. They’re not tools to get money or cars or power. The physical revulsion he feels when he sees a gun these days is a physical reminder of what he used a gun to take. By Jon Collins, Minnesota Public Radio. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1415 words.


EDINA, Minn. — A Wisconsin nonprofit group runs a series of divorce camps for women enduring one of the worst periods of their lives. Barbara Klas has been to several Daisy Camps, which range from two hours to two days in length. The sessions have different themes, such as child custody, finances or legal rights. But each one addresses the fundamental need for women going through divorce — dealing with their emotions. By Bob Shaw, Pioneer Press. SENT IN ADVANCE: 767 words.

For use Monday and thereafter:


PRESTON, Minn. — A Minnesota couple recently went to the National Trout Center to test the runoff water and some cleaner-looking spring water and well water from their rural Spring Grove farm. The water was tested for nitrates, a pollutant in itself but one that also tends to indicate if other contaminants are present. A large, confined hog feedlot is being proposed for nearby and the Spring Valley couple wanted to get baseline data to learn if there are changes if the feedlot is built. By John Weiss, Post-Bulletin. SENT IN ADVANCE: 800 words.


WINONA, Minn. — Every weekday of the school year, 68-year-old Dean Wendler gets up at 4:30 a.m., drinks his coffee, eats some breakfast, and is soon off to pick up the first kid on his bus route through Nodine, Pickwick and Ridgeway — a journey that can sometimes stretch up to 190 miles a day. It’s a job he’s been doing for 13 years. And it’s one he thoroughly enjoys. By Tesla Mitchell, Winona Daily News. SENT IN ADVANCE: 476 words.

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