Orchids and Onions: Sunday, January 20, 2019

January 21, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Linda’s. What a wonderful first-time experience to the store. Best Italian food in town. Better than any Italian restaurant. We will be back. Jim and Julie.

Orchids to police, I suggest an idea to keep them safe on our highways!

When making a stop on a highway, stand on the passenger side of the car and not on the traffic side of the car. WP

Onions to the City planners who decided to put medians on Lake Havasu Avenue between Swanson and Mesquite! This will present major challenges for the big RV rigs, trailers, and boats to navigate turns in these areas and restrict access to the businesses located there.

Orchids to Billie at Walgreens for the help she always gives people at the photo area/kiosks. She is amazing! She is always cheery and very helpful even when she is overwhelmed with work and people. This woman seriously deserves a promotion, raise or both! Next time you go in take her a mocha coffee!

Onions to fast food restaurant who would not honor a free coupon my child earned at the library because it was out by five days while they had a fire! Such poor customer service, especially since I had a larger order to go with it. Really?

Orchids to our traffic control lights, I see where one intersection has a yellow left turn arrow that allows cars to turn left if there is no oncoming traffic, need to educate drivers or will be a lot of collisions. Great idea. WP

Onions to the female jaywalkers on Smoketree between Lady Di’s and the bank. You almost didn’t make it. Wearing dark clothing and skedaddling around in the shadow from the building didn’t help. Walkers beware! Drivers are clueless here in Havasu!

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