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Severe Thunderstorms Across Nebraska

August 20, 1987

Undated (AP) _ Thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail and gusty wind developed Wednesday across the central Plains, and storms also broke out over widely scattered sections of the East.

In Nebraska, hail as big as golf balls was reported at Monroe and Marble, and hail that size covered the ground at Bellwood, the weather service said. Smaller hail was reported in other parts of the state.

High wind associated with the thunderstorms in Nebraska produced gusts to 66 mph at Norfolk, with gusts to 65 mph reported at Madison. Wind downed power lines and uprooted trees at Ashland during the afternoon, and Louisville got 0.91 of an inch of rain in 20 minutes.

At Waterloo, Neb., Rob Robinson, marketing director for the Robinson Seed Co., estimated between 12 and 20 people were hurt when a storm blew over a 120-by-40-foot canvas tent at the company’s annual field days, held to showcase its products.

″The wind just picked it up and blew it,″ said Robinson, who estimated that 75 people were underneath the tent at the time.

A severe thunderstorm watch was posted for sections of northwestern and west-central Missouri, sections of extreme south-central and southeastern Nebraska and parts of north-central and northeastern Kansas.

A Braniff Airways jetliner with 160 passengers and a seven-person crew was forced to land for refueling at Whiteman Air Force Base, about 40 miles east of Kansas City, when heavy thunderstorms forced the flight into a holding pattern over Kansas City International Airport.

A fast-moving line of thunderstorms whipped across New Hampshire on Wednesday night, blowing down trees and power lines in a 60-mile-wide path.

″They said it was almost like a small hurricane, with the wind coming up and the rain,″ Kim Edgecomb, a dispatcher in Sunapee, said of reports from officers out in the storm.

In south-central South Dakota, high wind from thunderstorms ripped off branches and uprooted some trees, and peeled off a roof during the morning at the town of Colome in Tripp County, the National Weather Service said. Two inches of rain fell in a short period 10 miles east of Winner, also in Tripp County.

Severe thunderstorms also developed during the afternoon over sections of upstate New York and in the Carolinas and Georgia.

Rocky Mount, N.C., had wind gusting to 75 mph and three-quarter-inch hail. Hail as big as golf balls was reported in the Gold Valley area of Nash County, N.C. And Elizabeth City, N.C., got 1.62 inches of rain in the 6 hours up to 2 p.m.

Temperatures in the Northeast were 10 to 15 degrees cooler than at the same time Tuesday, but to the south, humid conditions continued from southeastern Virginia to Florida. Cape Hatteras, N.C., hit a record high of 91.

Temperatures around the nation at 3 p.m. EDT ranged from 56 degrees at Newport and North Bend, Ore., to 101 at Dallas. The low for the day was 28 at Jackson, Wyo.

For Thursday, scattered showers and thunderstorms were forecast from the Great Lakes to the middle and lower Mississippi Valley and over the Gulf Coast region from Louisiana to Florida. The most numerous thunderstorms were forecast over Michigan, northern Indiana and Illinois and from southern Mississippi to northern Florida. A few thunderstorms were forecast in the mountains of Arizona and Utah.

Highs in the 60s and 70s were predicted along the Pacific Coast from Washington to California; in the 70s across northern New England, the Great Lakes region and northern Minnesota, and over Washington state; above 100 across sections of the southern Plains; from 105 to 115 in the deserts of the Southwest; and in the 80s and 90s across most of the rest of the nation.

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