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Roger and Molly Clinton Say They Never Saw Billing Records

May 10, 1996

WASHINGTON (AP) _ And then there were four.

President Clinton’s brother, Roger, and his wife, Molly, have told Senate Whitewater investigators they never saw billing records of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s law firm at the White House.

Republican investigators for the Whitewater Committee said this week they had narrowed to six _ including the president himself, Mrs. Clinton, and Roger and Molly Clinton _ the list of people who may have handled the billing records at the White House.

The investigators said that of 206 people who had access to the White House residence’s book room in the three weeks before the records were discovered there, all but the six had been eliminated through questioning or common sense. The other two are Susan Thomases, a confidante of the first lady, and White House aide Bruce Lindsey.

Roger and Molly Clinton, who live in Los Angeles, visited the White House during the period in question _ last July 20 to Aug. 10.

White House spokesman Mark Fabiani said Friday that in the past few days, Roger and Molly Clinton had answered written questions from the Whitewater panel related to the billing records. He said the questionnaires were completed sometime after Tuesday, the day the Senate investigators disclosed at a hearing that the two had not responded to the questionnaires they had been given some time ago.

Lisette McSoud, a spokeswoman for Whitewater Committee Chairman Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, R-N.Y., said the panel hadn’t received the two questionnaires yet.

The billing records detail work performed by Mrs. Clinton on behalf of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, the failed Little Rock, Ark., thrift whose owners were partners of the Clintons in a real estate venture while he was Arkansas’ governor. Prosecutors had sought the 1985-86 records for two years and the White House said they were lost, until an aide discovered them in the book room last August and turned them over in January.

Republicans have called the discovery one of the biggest mysteries of the Whitewater affair.

Thomases and Lindsey have not yet been questioned on the billing records, chief counsel Michael Chertoff said. Fifty other White House guests during period in question have said they had no contact with the documents, Chertoff said.

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