TORONTO (AP) _ Air Canada's pilots have voted in favor of a new contract, ending a 12-day strike that halted all flights by Canada's largest airline.

The ratification results were released today by the pilots' union, which polled its members over the weekend.

Of the 1,974 pilots eligible to vote, 1,550 approved the tentative contract, which was agreed on by negotiators last week.

The airline said about 100 of its 500 daily flights would resume immediately, with full service expected by the end of the week. Air Canada normally carries about 60,000 passengers a day.

Jean-Marc Belanger, spokesman for the pilots' union, said the union dropped its demand for a 12-percent pay increase over two years, instead accepting the company offer of a 9 percent raise over that period. But he said the pilots won improvements in scheduling and work hours.