Student-athletes from 33 different schools make up fall sports finalists for HighSchoolOT Honors

December 17, 2018

Fall sports finalists for HighSchoolOT Honors have been set. For each category, five finalists have been selected after a nomination period that last several months.

Nominations were open to the public on HighSchoolOT.com. Hundreds of nominations were made, then a panel of HighSchoolOT.com reporters, contributors and analysts narrowed down the list to five finalists.

The 2018-2019 fall sports finalists include 40 student-athletes from 33 different schools in 18 different counties. Student-athletes from any school in the eastern half of North Carolina covered by HighSchoolOT.com are eligible to be win at HighSchoolOT Honors presented by Pella Windows & Doors.

Finalists will be up for voting from Apr. 29 through May 19, once finalists are named for hte winter and spring sports. All finalists are invited to attend the HighSchoolOT Honors awards event at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, June 15. Finalists should use the RSVP link at the end of this page.

Emails and printed letters will be sent to the athletic directors at the schools who have finalists for HighSchoolOT Honors. Please be on the look out for those letters.

Finalists for the elite awards, such as Male & Female Athlete of the Year, Male & Female Coach of the Year, and other categories like Game of the Year, won’t be announced until Apr. 29.

With fall sports in the books, winter sports nominations are now open. You can make nominations through Mar. 17. Finalists for winter sports will be announced of Mar. 25.

Here are the finalists for the fall sports season:

Men’s Cross Country Runner of the Year

Women’s Cross Country Runner of the Year

Football Defensive Player of the Year

Football Offensive Player of the Year

Women’s Golfer of the Year

Men’s Soccer Player of the Year

Women’s Tennis Player of the Year

Volleyball Player of the Year

Finalists should follow this link to RSVP for the HighSchoolOT Honors awards event in June. Seating is limited, so make sure you RSVP early!

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