See What Left Wing Democrats Now Represent

October 13, 2018

Editor: Senior citizens, and those of us who hope to be senior citizens one day — we all know what the alternative is — should be aware of a video ad published by knockthe.vote to encourage young people to vote for “progressive” candidates from the Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Andrew Cuomo wing of the Democratic Party. The ad features senior citizens in a “This is the Enemy” context, with one older woman saying she doesn’t care about the environment because she will be dead soon. Another says she can’t keep track of which lives matter, while yet another doesn’t care about school shootings because she hasn’t been in a school for 50 years. There is a huge difference between centrist Democrats and the extremists who now seem to be directing the party at the national level, to the extent that 57 percent of the party now supports socialism according to a Gallup poll. Our NEPA Democrats like Eddie Day Pashinski and John Yudichak, the ones who stand behind the American worker and middle class along with senior citizens who have paid into the Social Security system, will have my support this November. I otherwise encourage voters to look up the knockthe.vote ad to see what the left wing of the Democratic Party now represents, and vote accordingly. William A. Levinson WILKES-BARRE

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