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Stamford reacts: New holiday in the city

Staff WriterMay 17, 2019

There’s a new holiday in town: Stamford Day“What are we celebrating? the potholes? The mold in the schools? The corruption in the administration? The traffic congestion??? In that case happy Stamford day !! woohooo.”—Marie Tricoli-Socci, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“...and you still haven’t solved the Veterans Day Parade problem yet.”—Robert A. Fiore, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“So The City of Stamford can celebrate itself but has no money to celebrate our military on Memorial Day?? Can someone please explain this?? I’ll wait.......”—Ron Yeomans, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“FIREWORKS IN JULY OR WE MOVE.”—Michael Chapin, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“We are not a ‘crown jewel’ if we have mold in our schools and are deciding which librarians at our schools to terminate.”—Ashlee Armata Nestor, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocatePolice prep arrest warrants for four of their own in Stamford“Now let’s get to work on removing any possibility of retirement payments. Treat them like any other criminal. Legislature needs to be updated to address the loophole that lets these criminals retire to cash in on retirement before being fired.”—Alicia Mendoza, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“This saddens me it does not reflect on the entire department. Justice has got to prevail. God speed fellas.”—Bill Sotire, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocateStamford mayor: Fracking-waste ban is hampering road repairs“And I wonder about the toxic fumes coming off those roads and the effects on the people that live near them!”—Meghan Crutchley, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocateResidents clash over North Stamford soccer club plan“The NIMBYism in Stamford has gotten truly out of control.”—Rob Colgan, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“I live close to West Beach soccer fields and I don’t hear excessively loud noises when all of the fields are in use. I think the children of Stamford are better off playing soccer than hanging out in the streets and getting into trouble.”—Karen Deer, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“If a swim and tennis club which everyone can use isn’t being put to good use, what makes everyone think a soccer field will do any better? Not to mention traffic during rush hour would be horrendous, how exactly would an entire team or two leaving or coming at the same time not make traffic worse? If you think traffic wont be an issue then you have never taken a left turn out of that driveway going north it is completely blind and not to mention people going 50+ miles an hour around that turn.”—Liam Scott, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“As a long time North Stamford resident, I have to say no, no, no to any text changes in our zoning laws to allow this. It would not just be this one club, it would be snowball into more and more. There are plenty of places below the Merritt Parkway where business are already allowed.”—IluvCT, via stamfordadvocate.com“This is not a club for public use so there is no loss to Stamford. The applicant stated at a public meeting that this is for a private soccer club, mostly the members are from Greenwich.”—TheBronxBeat, via stamfordadvocate.com

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