Our View: Thumbs up to new Honkers ownership plans

February 10, 2019

After two decades, the Rochester Honkers Northwoods League baseball franchise had become a bit stale, both on and off the field.

So it was gratifying to hear team president Chris Goodell, representing the new ownership group, outline a series of upgrades and improvements for the fan experience.

There are plans for new seating options, live music and an effort to sign more talented local players.

All of that fresh energy won’t mean much, though, if the Honkers and city can’t come up with more and cleaner restrooms, and an efficient concession stand setup. It’s our impression that the restrooms issue, in particular, is what kept some families from returning to the ballpark in recent seasons.

Fix that part of the fan experience, and the new Honkers owners will set themselves up for an inside-the-park home run.

Thumbs down to LHS bomb threat

After missing four days of school due to snow and severe cold weather Jan. 28-31, we’ll bet most Lourdes High School students were ready to get back to class on Feb. 1.

Unfortunately, what appears to be a crank caller had a different idea. Law enforcement received a called-in bomb threat for the school late Jan. 31, and officials had little choice but to cancel school again on Feb. 1. Police searched the school and found no evidence of a bomb. But Lourdes students ended up losing an entire week of education.

The call was reportedly made by a male who used a voice-changing device. There’s no word yet on how close police are to solving the case.

Thumbs up to IBM, Rochester brain power

Although the size of IBM’s Rochester workforce has decreased in recent decades, the local team continues to invent things at a fast pace.

In 2018, IBM was issued 9,100 patents. Of those, 598 have at least one IBM Rochester inventor’s name on them. And this wasn’t an accident; in 2017, IBM Rochester inventors were associated with 589 patents.

The patent business in Rochester isn’t exclusively IBM. In 2018, 169 patents were awarded to Rochester inventors who did not have an IBM connection.

The Rochester area is obviously a center of brain power. Too bad these smarty-pants inventors haven’t come up with a way to make winter go by faster.

By the way, the Post Bulletin’s annual Inventors Fair for grades 4 through 12, is March 9 at Autumn Ridge Church. Stop by to see the next generation of inventors at work.

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