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Bright and Brief

December 10, 1986

ST. JOHNS, Mich. (AP) _ Dylan the Pomeranian wasn’t about to be excluded from a family jaunt without making his feelings known.

Michelle and Gene Swan of St. Johns left their 2-year-old dog in their idling pickup Monday while they looked at Christmas trees.

Dylan knocked the truck’s automatic shift into drive and traveled about nine feet before the truck was stopped by a concrete step at the Clinton County Arts Gallery.

″He just sort of decided he wanted to put it in drive and took off for a while,″ Mrs. Swan said. ″He’s pretty high-strung, but he usually doesn’t try to drive.″

Dylan began barking for help when the truck began moving slowly, said Kaye Pilmore, the gallery director.

″Damage was minor,″ she said. ″A few pictures were jarred off the walls and we’ll need to replace the door.″

But Dylan expressed remorse, and Pilmore said she won’t file charges.

″He crawled out of the truck like he knew he’d done something wrong ... and now he won’t even go near it,″ Mrs. Swan said.

″My husband said for punishment he’s going to take his license away. And our insurance company called and said we’re going to have to put him on our policy as a third driver.″


APPLE VALLEY, Calif. (AP) - Apple Valley is having a devil of a time with its high school mascot.

Fifty people crowded a meeting Tuesday of the Victor Valley Union High School District trustees to protest or defend the smirking, red-faced fellow that has represented the Apple Valley High School Sun Devils for 20 years.

Donna Davis, whose children attend a rival high school, presented trustees with a petition she said contained signatures of 1,600 people who want the mascot changed.

At a recent basketball game between the schools, she said, ″the kids started chanting ‘Devils, Devils,’ and I began to get a headache and a spirit filled that gym.″

Several students defended the mascot and told adults they ought to concentrate on more serious problems.

″I feel they’re looking for trouble in the wrong areas,″ said Aaron Watson, 17, the school’s student body president.

″Even though he looks like the devil, there’s some good in him and we’re proud of him,″ said senior Allan Webb, 18.

After an hour of testimony, trustees agreed the issue should be resolved by the newly formed Apple Valley Unified High School District, which takes over in six months.

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