Orchids and Onions: Friday, March 1, 2019

March 1, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Community Presbyterian Church for bringing to LHC such an inspirational speaker, who is the author of the book “Heaven Is For Real.” His appearance and testimony was well received. If you did not attend it was your loss. RM

Onions for allowing Valentine’s Day deliveries to the workplace. Flowers or candy delivered to some, create hurt and pain for others. One gal in our office went home ‘emotionally unstable’ this afternoon after experiencing Valentine’s Day depression. Her feelings were seemingly hurt beyond repair!

Orchids to Farrah at Synergy Skin Care for her donation to the Elkettes Crazy Auction.

Onions to all you drivers that DO NOT turn on your headlights at dusk. Especially when you drive a dark vehicle. How did you manage to pass the driver’s test and get a license?

Orchids to Pro Therapy receptionist for standing outside for a half hour with me till my shuttle came, she used her lunch break for me. Good people.

Onions to party host for seating us at a table with perfect strangers. Not that they were bad company. It’s just these folks were at least 10-years older than us. My husband and I move at a much faster pace than them. The things talked about like Medicare and eyesight we found dreadfully boring.

Orchids to Lake View Terrace Memory Care. Everything you do from keeping the community clean to showing so much love and compassion really goes a long way. You have made our journey so much easier and filled our hearts with joy in a hard situation. Thank you from us all.

Onions to the movie theater. A hundred people in line to buy movie tickets and they have one of their four registers open on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

Orchids and kudos to the Leaping Lizard tribe for hauling the parts up Lizard peak and repairing the picnic table. Onions to everyone who destroyed the old table making this repair necessary. I hope the new table can outlast the vandals.

Onions to several homes on Cotati Drive. Clean up your yards. Weeds are knee high. Looks disgusting. Mattresses stacked along the garage. Lots of junk in yards. Camper parked on street for more than a year. Your weeds spread. Ugly.

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