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Pace of Appointments in the Past

December 14, 2000

A look at the pace and sequence of appointments in the last two presidential transitions


1st week: secretary of state, counsel.

2nd week: chief of staff, secretaries of treasury and education, attorney general, budget director.

3rd week: press secretary, national security adviser.

4th week: none.

5th week: secretary of commerce, CIA director, UN representative, chairman of Council of Economic Advisers, trade representative.

6th week: secretaries of agriculture, defense, housing and urban development.

7th week: secretaries of transportation, interior, health and human services, veterans affairs and labor; director of Environmental Protection Agency.

8th week: none.

9th week: secretary of energy, drug policy director.

10th week: none.


1st week: none.

2nd week: none.

3rd week: none.

4th week: none.

5th week: none.

6th week: chief of staff; director of National Economic Council; secretaries of treasury, labor, HHS, commerce; budget director; chairman of Council of Economic Advisers, EPA director.

7th week: secretaries of HUD, veterans affairs, education, energy, defense, state; CIA director; UN representative; national security adviser.

8th week: secretaries of interior, agriculture, transportation; attorney general (later withdrawn); trade representative.

9th week: none.

10th week: none.

11th week: White House staff, including congressional liaison, press secretary, domestic policy adviser, counsel.


Source: ``First Impressions: Presidents, Appointments, and the Transition,″ by Stephen Hess, The Brookings Institution.

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